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    Redfoot Babies Won't Eat

    So, I have a trio of Redfooted Tortoises that are each about 10 months old now, and they've never eaten good while I've had them. I can't get them to eat hardly anything no matter what type of food I offer them, and so subsequently they're not growing, and it seems like now they're starting to...
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    Indoor Redfoot Housing Sizes

    Hello everyone! I hope this is in the right section! :D I have a trio of 8 month old Redfoot Tortoises whom I'm in the middle of building a 6' by 2' closed chamber habitat for (by modifying a couple of Zoo Med Tortoise Houses). What I'm wondering is, until what approximate size will this...
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    Juvenile Redfoot Tortoise Table Build

    Hello, all! As promised when I first joined, I'll be sharing all of my projects with you :) My three Redfooted Tortoises (each are about 8 months old now) are doing good, and have outgrown their starter home, a 55 gallon aquarium. For a while now I've been planning their next home, one...
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    Turtle Source + Turtle Shack Customer Experiences

    I just discovered this section of the site (I'm new here), and thought this would be the perfect place to share my bad experiences with ordering turtles/tortoises offline. A little over a year ago, in the autumn of 2012 (I'd have to get the papers out to get the right date), I bought a male...
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    Hello! I'm New Here :)

    Hello, my name's Lydia, and I'm pretty new to Tortoise keeping. I originally got started with aquatic turtles a few years back (painteds, to be specific), and just started getting into tortoise keeping this year! :) I currently have three redfooted tortoises, named Redmond Barry, William...