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  1. Bernadette'sMom

    Tortoise hats?

    I think they are adorable! I too am thinking that I need to get one for Christmas and certain holidays. I saw a bunny one that I thought was adorable. I at first thought of just cute but then thought it would be good to be able to keep up with my tort if she is out in the yard. Ken love the balloon!
  2. Bernadette'sMom

    Type of Wood for Outdoor Enclosure

    Thank you all! I have a plan and I am hoping that it turns out the way I have in my mind! I will post pics when I get finished!
  3. Bernadette'sMom

    Type of Wood for Outdoor Enclosure

    Today at Lowes I was asking the sales man which kind of wood I would need for an outdoor project. He stated treated and then asked what I was building. I stated that I was building an outdoor enclosure for my Russian Tortoise, he told me he was not sure if the chemicals would be safe for her. I...
  4. Bernadette'sMom

    Russian in need of new home (NC)

    I used to live in Asheboro.... wish I were closer I would love to have another Russian... Good luck re homing your baby!
  5. Bernadette'sMom


    I like the name Zachary for a boy, then you just call him Zach.... Bernadette is my little girls name (or so I have been told she is a girl). I found a box turtle in college and named him George Strait..... :)
  6. Bernadette'sMom

    Does my Russian Tortoise look healthy?

    I am building a Tortoise Table this weekend and I am interested in how to keep the humidity up using one as well.... I am planning to have an upper level, will the humidity be better under the second "floor" if I keep it moist in that area? Dougie I am interested in what style of table you have...
  7. Bernadette'sMom

    Anyone in Arkansas?

    I live in the western region of Arkansas and was wondering if there is anyone in Arkansas or eastern Oklahoma?
  8. Bernadette'sMom

    You know you have a tortoise when...

    When your on the phone with a business and their associate asks about your tort by name and then tells you that her daughter now wants a pet tort after hearing about yours! (FYI I told her to check out tortoise forum to research and ask questions before deciding)
  9. Bernadette'sMom

    Birthday hat.

    I so wish I knew my baby girl's birthday..... maybe I will just celebrate on 05-22-15 the date I got her..... but I think she is probably around 2 years old. Your little man is to stinkin cute! And I don't think we can love them to much! ;):p
  10. Bernadette'sMom

    Planning Outside and Inside enclosure

    I have taken the time to sit down this afternoon and plan the outside as well as the inside measurements for Bernadette's new enclosures. Please let me know if I am thinking big enough for my Russian. The outside one will be in a raised flowerbed about 2 1/2 feet tall made out of cinder blocks...
  11. Bernadette'sMom

    Looking for info

    Hi Sam, I am a newbie as well and I have a Russian Tortoise. I got her for my 4th wedding anniversary and I just love her! I thought I knew what I was doing by talking and taking advise from the store where she was bought but it was all mainly wrong. You are in the right place! Tom as well as...
  12. Bernadette'sMom

    In need of a mentor!

    Thank you everyone! Bernadette and I are enjoying your messages. I just put some ointment on her larges hole and she is sitting on my computer table watching me.
  13. Bernadette'sMom

    In need of a mentor!

    One of the areas is open, how long do I need to keep her indoors? There is one small hole that is deeper. Will it close up eventually? Maybe I am just being a worry wort but I want her to be happy and healthy.
  14. Bernadette'sMom

    In need of a mentor!

    Here is my baby all bandaged up. I feel like a bad Mom... I should have been more protective but I don't have issues with Nick (the Bulldog) until my hubby gets home.
  15. Bernadette'sMom

    In need of a mentor!

    This is what her tank looked like before she messed it up....
  16. Bernadette'sMom

    In need of a mentor!

    I am the new Mom of a Testudo Tortoise. I do not know how old she is as I got her at PetSmart. I tried to get her tank here as much like what she had in the store but she seems unhappy with it. I saw a kids swimming pool on Pinterest and got one for more room but had to put on the back porch as...
  17. Bernadette'sMom

    Allergic to Cats... so my goal is to turn into the "Crazy Tortoise Lady"!

    Allergic to Cats... so my goal is to turn into the "Crazy Tortoise Lady"!
  18. Bernadette'sMom

    I am new to being a tortoise mom and I have a sweet Testedo Tortoise. It seems she doesn't eat...

    I am new to being a tortoise mom and I have a sweet Testedo Tortoise. It seems she doesn't eat much can anyone help me out with ideas?