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    My ball python got stuck in one of his hides, what is the best course of action to get him out?
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    3 Sulcata Eggs

    I'm going to be acquiring 3 Sulcata Eggs in the next 3 Weeks. Hopefully ill have some babies running around in the future.
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    Hatchling Failure Syndrome

    So I believe that my tortoise has HFS. I'm not sure what I should do. My tank is amazing for him. Heat is great and humidity. Im soaking him multible times a dat. What else can I do? @Tom
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    Green Anaconda

    Does anyone know where I can get a Green Anaconda from? Willing to travel and pay up too 600$$.
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    Just ordered a Leopard

    Hey everyone! I got my first Tortoise 6months ago and today I ordered myself a Leopard Tortoise! Does anyone have any tips?
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    Sick Tort

    So my Sulcata has been not right lately. He has had a soft bottom shell like a plastic lid, he is ignoring most of his food, sleeping most of the day and being active only to change the spot he sleeps in. He is not refusing to open his eyes or only opening one a centimeter. Around his eyes are...
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    Soft Bottom Shell

    So I was just doing a routine physical on my Sulcata and I noticed for the first time ever that the bottom of his shell is soft, not pliable but soft. What should I do? Is he not getting enough Calcium?? Should I get him Liquid Calcium?
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    Different Appearance

    Why do some Sulcatas look different than mine? Here are some examples (The 2 Dark Sulcatas arent mine)
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    Please Read (skin peeling?)

    So my Sulcata Tortoise skin is very dark and it looks like its peeling off and underneath you can see very baige colored skin. What is this??
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    So I. Was just wondering when Galileo will start getting bigger? Do Sulcatas go through growth spurts? If so what age?
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    Just a lil sumting

    Just redid Galileo's Tank, nothing crazy. What do you guys think?
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    Please look (does he look ok?)

    Can someone tell me how my Galileo looks? He is dirty from his substrate but that's about it. Any signs of anything?
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    Prickly Pear Cactus

    Is Prickly Pear Cactus okay for my Baby Sulcata to Eat
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    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP (tortoise upside down)

    Guys so I was at school and I logged onto my live camera to check on my baby sulcata and I noticed he was flipped over so I called my neighbor and she ran over and flipped him back over and has been sitting with him for the past hour and now he wont stop flipping over. His terrarium is...
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    UVB on at Night

    Should I leave my ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Light bar on at night for my young sulcata? (Ik that I should have a CHE but its just a question so please dont blow up the thread with facts lol)
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    Let's play a game..

    Can you spot the baby Sulcata
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    Backwater Reptiles (Must Read)

    I briefly mentioned this before in a previous post but I believe this deserves its own thread. I am here to tell you about the cruelty and neglect of Backwater Reptiles (BR) I ordered my Sulcata Yearling from BR and when it arrived it was barely alive and was very sick with a RI, it arrived...
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    Sooo Cute

    Sooo cute
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    The Day I got my Sulcata (MUST READ)

    The day I got my Sulcata was such a amazing day, he arrived at around 10:30am and was completely covered in dirt, I quickly soaked him and gave him a good cleaning with a soft bristle toothbrush. The difference below is astonishing. I ordered him from Backwater Reptiles in South Florida. I am...
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    I know most of the time tortoise chasing toy balls are signs of territorial aggression but my baby Sulcata loves chasing the ball and getting some fresh veggies from the inside of this little brand new cat toy!