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  1. Hydrah


    Help!!!! I just noticed a HUGE ant pile in my tortoise enclosure. I keep her in a flowerbed and the ants built a hive right against the brick wall on her side. I want to use ant poison so she can get back outdoors, she hates it inside. Does anyone have safer methods for dealing with ants? If...
  2. Hydrah

    Found: Stinkpot Turtle

    I found a Stinkpot/Musk turtle on my lawn. If someone has lost a turtle in the greater New Orleans area please contact me and provide a description to be reunited with owner.
  3. Hydrah

    Is croaking normal?

    Hello, Today my redfoot seems happy and she made a sound, it is similar to a frogs croaking, is this normal? She is eating well, soaking regularly and seems happy and healthy. Her humidity is not quite at tropical. I have not had her long and and hope this is a happy noise that I don't have...
  4. Hydrah

    Female Redfoot - Juvenile

    I would love to adopt a redfoot, preferrably a juvenile female. Are there any vendors in the southern Louisiana area?
  5. Hydrah

    I'm nesting!

    Hi, Y'all! I want to get a Redfoot or Hermann's and it was pointed out that there is a Repticon in June. This gives me time to get everything that I will need together. I have never had a tortoise before; I am looking for suggestions on the items I should acquire in order to prepare a...
  6. Hydrah

    Anyone in New Orleans?

    Hi Y'all, I want to get a tortoise, I am thinking either a Redfoot or a Hermann's would be best. I have been checking locally (New Orleans) and no one has either type. I fear having one shipped to me, (i'm sure that its terrifying for the tortoise too). Anyhow, I'm using this time to...