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  1. Twiggz

    My first outdoor heated Redfoot house

    Haha seriously.
  2. Twiggz

    My first outdoor heated Redfoot house

    It's been an ongoing project for a while, so I don't remember the exact cost. The siding was the biggest hit all at once. If I remember correctly it was under $80. Then the roll of shingle material. The whole roll was around $60 Then it was the small stuff that adds up. The random plywood...
  3. Twiggz

    My first outdoor heated Redfoot house

    Thanks everyone :)
  4. Twiggz

    My first outdoor heated Redfoot house

    Hello everyone, I posted a few pics of the Redfoot house I built and got a few questions about it. Ill post some pics and add info as I finish it. I have three Redfoot tortoises, 2, 2, and 3 years old. So I built it large enough that I wont have to alter it for a few years. I ended up with...
  5. Twiggz

    Redfoot help

    I used the turtletary care sheet that Kathyth posted above and had zero issues with my young ones. What age (or how big) is your RF? When they are young they do hide a lot. As they grow they get more out going.
  6. Twiggz

    Found an egg

    Well you were all correct about that dropped egg. It was a dud. It turned yellow and had no sign of anything inside after two months. I found a second egg recently, and this one was in her hide and half buried in a hole she dug. She didn't cover it much, so I'm not getting my hopes up on...
  7. Twiggz

    Pyramiding and Shell Coloration

    Interesting, my first thought was because of a better diet, but the UV does make sense also. I'd love to hear what others say as well.
  8. Twiggz

    My first Red Foot rescue… a couple questions

    Results are back from the fecal test. They called my wife instead of me, not sure why. They told her they found a strange parasite in her intestine. Not sure of the name yet, Ill find out when I go to pick up the medicine. They told my wife its a "friendly" parasite. I'm guessing its not...
  9. Twiggz

    My first Red Foot rescue… a couple questions

    Another update, she's still healthy and is always hungry. Found out hard boiled egg give her the runs. It happened when we gave it to her again. I guess its something that just doesn't agree with her system. So for protein we will give her chicken or low fat cat food. Oddly this one's...
  10. Twiggz

    Updated Photos of Toothless, Jet

    Beautiful torts. You give me hope that I can raise a smooth Aldabra in ca. As for reptiles that seek human interaction, the iguana is the only other one I've heard of. My father had one when he was a kid that was hand raised from a baby. It would crawl onto his shoulder when ever he sat down...
  11. Twiggz

    Found an egg

    Wow 5-7 years, thats amazing. Well its disappointing to hear that about dropped eggs. But what the hell, Ill try to set up an incubator. About how long till you can see anything inside a fertile egg by candling? What does an egg smell like when it goes bad? LIke a bad chicken egg I assume?
  12. Twiggz

    Found an egg

    I was checking on my outdoor setup for my three toe, when I came across an egg! I've had boxies when I was a kid and one for 20+ years, but this is the first time I've seen an egg. This boxie was donated to me about a year ago, by my friends girl friend. She decided she was keeping too many...
  13. Twiggz

    My first Red Foot rescue… a couple questions

    Update: No more runs! She's starting to nibble at the greens that we put in her enclosure and nibbled on a piece of banana. Obviously she's still getting settled, but at least I'm not as worried as I was. Still very active and curious. Questions about taking a stool sample to the vet...
  14. Twiggz

    My first Red Foot rescue… a couple questions

    Thanks everyone. I'll continue to keep her separated and monitor her closely before taking her to the vet. So far she's very active and curious, so she doesn't act like she's sick. I'm actually impressed how little she hides from me and my son, she's not timid at all.
  15. Twiggz

    My first Red Foot rescue… a couple questions

    Looking for some advice here. I picked up a 2yo red foot from a student in san jose last night. He posted an ad on CL "free to a good home". He seemed eager to hand her and all of her equipment over to me as soon as I stopped by. I'm not sure about the feeding history, but he gave me a bottle...
  16. Twiggz

    how active should a 5 month old tortoise be?

    Very normal. As they get older they become less skittish and sleep less. Mine now come out of their hide when they hear my voice. They are roughly around 1.5 years
  17. Twiggz

    Questions about red foots

    Hello, I'm sure someone more knowledgable will chime in soon. But I'll answer what I can. 1. I don't know, I've never been to Georgia. They are from south America, so that obviously is their ideal inviorment. 2. Some like to use a closed top enclosure to trap the humidity. Others like an...
  18. Twiggz

    Red foot poo

    Odd, I haven't noticed a smell at all. Maybe because my reds are still young just around two years old? Mine seem to go when they are out side these days. That might be part of the reason I haven't noticed it.
  19. Twiggz

    SO's Incredible Adventure

    Wow! I'm in the cleaning/planning stages of getting my yard Aldabra friendly. Those pics have me rethinking some of it. SO doesn't even look like he's trying to knock the fence down... its just in his way haha.
  20. Twiggz

    Big Ole' Brazilian

    Wow, he is huge. How old is he?