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  1. Bernadette'sMom

    Type of Wood for Outdoor Enclosure

    Today at Lowes I was asking the sales man which kind of wood I would need for an outdoor project. He stated treated and then asked what I was building. I stated that I was building an outdoor enclosure for my Russian Tortoise, he told me he was not sure if the chemicals would be safe for her. I...
  2. Bernadette'sMom

    Anyone in Arkansas?

    I live in the western region of Arkansas and was wondering if there is anyone in Arkansas or eastern Oklahoma?
  3. Bernadette'sMom

    Planning Outside and Inside enclosure

    I have taken the time to sit down this afternoon and plan the outside as well as the inside measurements for Bernadette's new enclosures. Please let me know if I am thinking big enough for my Russian. The outside one will be in a raised flowerbed about 2 1/2 feet tall made out of cinder blocks...
  4. Bernadette'sMom

    In need of a mentor!

    I am the new Mom of a Testudo Tortoise. I do not know how old she is as I got her at PetSmart. I tried to get her tank here as much like what she had in the store but she seems unhappy with it. I saw a kids swimming pool on Pinterest and got one for more room but had to put on the back porch as...