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  1. big_red_tortoise

    regarding nails

    My redfoot has grown a bit and so have his nails. The only problem is they are super sharp. I mean like needles. I tried filing them but he wont put up with it. Can you clip tortoise nails? If so, can I clip them or should I take him somewhere where they can? Thanks!
  2. big_red_tortoise

    Help I dont know if my tortoise is ok

    He did have his fruit earlier this week. He also had cat food with calcium yesterday. The main reason I am worried is because there was some white spots in the poop. Isnt that a sign of urates?
  3. big_red_tortoise

    Help I dont know if my tortoise is ok

    I took out my redfoot today for a romp in the grass because it is sooo nice out. He walked around and ate some clovers and all was good. On the way back he started pooping everywhere and it didnt look like the poop he normally has. I think he might have diarrhea. What should I do?
  4. big_red_tortoise

    humidity issues

    I have my redfoot in an enclosure that I built myself. Lately I have been noticing that his eyes are teary, which is an indication of low humidity. I have sphagnum moss on the bottom but even with multiple sprayings a day, I cant seem to keep the humidity high enough. I also am not home as much...
  5. big_red_tortoise

    strange noises

    I have him in a house I constructed with sphagnum moss as the substrate. His temps say 85 most of the day and around 78-80 at night. His humidity is around 80% most of the time (I cant help that it tends to fluctuate but I try my best). He follows the feeding schedule that is outlined on your...
  6. big_red_tortoise

    strange noises

    So during the night for a couple weeks now I have been hearing clicking noises from my redfoot's house. I couldnt figure out what the heck it was. I checked all of the lights and other things around his house, but found nothing...until today. I saw him trying to bite his own shell and it made...
  7. big_red_tortoise

    new house

    Here is our redfoots new home. It isnt done yet, there is going to be a second floor if my boyfriend and I can ever finish it. There are linoleum tiles underneath the repti-carpet and the sides have multiple layers of polyurethane. We also didnt realize how much moss we would need, so there will...
  8. big_red_tortoise

    merry christmas

    He's pretending to be a present. Right after this photo, he tried to eat the envelope. lol :)
  9. big_red_tortoise

    I wish this was my backyard!

    i wish it was mine too! actually i just wish i had a yard. darn apartment living. :)
  10. big_red_tortoise

    How Much Does Ralphie Weigh?

    lol thats so cute. i cant wait for my little redfoot to get that big. he is only about 4 inches now so theres still some time to wait.
  11. big_red_tortoise


    wow that tortoise is beyond cute!
  12. big_red_tortoise

    New pet

    He is about 5 months old, or at least that it what the guy at the pet store said. Thanks for the advice. He is eating just fine but does get scared when i come into the room. I will check out those websites.
  13. big_red_tortoise


    I dont know what it was but i guess it worked itself out.
  14. big_red_tortoise

    New pet

    I just got a budgie for my 20th birthday and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them or if they know any good websites. I am a little worried about him because he hasnt made a sound since Friday night (when I got him) and he has been staying in the same place since about saturday...
  15. big_red_tortoise


    I came home from class today and my RF was making a noise that sounded like a cough. I have been watching him and he keeps opening his mouth really wide but I cant see anything in his mouth. Does anyone know what is going on?
  16. big_red_tortoise

    Tortoise Calendar Photo Contest - Voting Thread!

    There are so many to choose from. That was hard! :)
  17. big_red_tortoise

    issues with colder weather

    I ended up buying a bulb from walmart and tested it last night. It seems to do the trick. Thanks so much for all the advice! :)
  18. big_red_tortoise

    issues with colder weather

    I recently moved into my first apartment and went with lower price over better quality. I am a college student so I like cheap :). But anyway the windows are old and let alot of air in. It is starting to get cold and even with the windows closed and the fans off, I am having a hard time keeping...
  19. big_red_tortoise

    Ms. Siree

    thats a beautiful tortoise!
  20. big_red_tortoise

    New tortoise enclosure

    More pictures would be amazing. I have never built anything before but my boyfriend and I are up for the challenge. Thanks so much for your help.