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  1. Thomasstortoise

    Plants in my tortoises enclosures

    Hi i had a question on safe plants in my tortoises enclosure, i want to get a real spider plant in my torts enclosure and also a Boston Fern, but i am concerned as they have been fertilized can i still put it in my torts enclosure or not?
  2. Thomasstortoise

    My tortoise is 1.5 years old is this a good size

    He is a leopard tortoise 1.5 years old approx and he is 9.5 cm in length and weighs 150 grams, is this a good size
  3. Thomasstortoise

    what should be the appropriate size of a yearling leopard tortoise

    i had this question for a long time, my leopard tortoise a very slow grower not only is he a slow grower but also a picky tortoise aswell he will eat escarole and endive but when i add weeds or hay he turns around and doesnt eat it he started growing after a few months i have him for about 5...