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  1. mel262011

    Tortoise sprout

    that's cute
  2. mel262011

    My new baby! Gamera the Guardian of the Universe

    aww, what a cutie! Congrats :)
  3. mel262011

    Turtle Frustrated

    How big is the tank? Sometimes they will do that if the tank is too small.
  4. mel262011

    can anyone tell if i have a male or female?

    the only reason I am asking is because with RFs you can't really tell until they are at least 6" long.
  5. mel262011

    can anyone tell if i have a male or female?

    How long is Fuego from front to back?
  6. mel262011

    Not Today!!!!

    when I had redfoots, they tried that but the bowls I had them in were too high for them to climb out. :)
  7. mel262011

    Spitfire thinks he is hiding

    Beautiful snake you have there and that is a nice pic, too.
  8. mel262011

    Not Today!!!!

    That is too cute! MoonPie sure didn't want to soak today.
  9. mel262011

    Turtle Illness

    I'm doing fine, but I can't say much about him though.
  10. mel262011

    Turtle Illness

    love the comments guys
  11. mel262011

    Turtle Illness

    I have had it for about 3 wks and I got her from a friend that had her for about 6 months.
  12. mel262011

    Turtle Illness

    I think he has RI or walking pneumonia. Whatever he has, I might be getting it.
  13. mel262011

    Turtle Illness

    I thought it was salmonella, too. But, what he has doesn't match. Love the comments, some have made me smile and laugh.[hr] Not really sure. All he said was that he had turtle sickness and if he had it too long it would turn into walking pneumonia.
  14. mel262011

    Turtle Illness

    Okay, so my bf thinks he has turtle sickness. I personally think he is crazy because he won't have anything to do with my turtle. He won't even touch it and I wash my hands when I do. My question is this: What would be the symptoms if he had it?
  15. mel262011

    Weird shell patterns between siblings

    they are so cute, love the unique patterns on them.
  16. mel262011

    Boy or girl that is the question

    looks like a female to me.
  17. mel262011

    I'm new Hello

  18. mel262011

    Updated pics of Ava

    Nice looking tort!
  19. mel262011

    Out to sun

    nice pic :)
  20. mel262011


    Awww, what a cutie!