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  1. Kittychu

    Sulcata Brumating? Or just not eating?

    I have a 12 year old Male Sulcata I've raised from a baby. This November, I moved out from a stressful living situation. My new room is an attic room, and its typically colder in the winter than the last couple places I've lived. Since we moved, my tortoise has not been eating. It's been a month...
  2. Kittychu

    Odorless Alternative Substrate suggestions?

    Hello. I am new here. My name is Kitty. I am the Torty Mom to a 12 year old sulcata that I've raised from a baby. He lives indoors, but gets plenty of sun in the spring and the summer when we go on walks, or even if he's just chilling in the backyard. But i digress. I've always used rabbit...