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  1. Helena F.

    Is my RT sick due to being dehydrated ?

    Hi, A couple days ago, I found my tort got stuck in his food bowl ( I usually use a slate but that day I didn't. ) I left that day to do some things away from the house and he apparently climbed into his food bowl for some reason ( which is under the basking lamp side / hot spot ) and could not...
  2. Helena F.

    Somebody come get these poor babies!!!

    I found this guy on craigslist who is selling baby sulcata torts. The way he is housing them is inhumane. No uvb, no heat lamp, they are literally in bins on top of one another. I would go and get them but I just moved. He is located in San Jose, California. . I'm not in the Bay Area anymore so...
  3. Helena F.

    Russian Tortoise Age?

    Hi, So recently I've been on other threads that I have created wondering why my tortoise was so big for his age. After other members looking at him and his shell, they believe he is a wild caught RT. I was young when I got him so I had no idea, and I feel terrible. Other members also believe...
  4. Helena F.

    Petco and their lies.

    When I was 10, I wanted a tortoise so bad. I did tons of research and my parents finally let me get one. So we went to Petco and were told that the little guy that I picked out was almost 1 and that he was captive bred. Clearly I didn't do enough research because they lied and I was a sucker. 5...
  5. Helena F.

    My RT is a chunker!

    Okay so I need some advice, I got my tortoise 5 years ago and he was pretty big for a one year old. He is now over 5 inches and is only 6 years old. He's growing really fast, and has grown at least half an inch to an inch in the past 4 - 6 months. Based on the research that I have done, RT's...
  6. Helena F.

    Considering getting another reptile, but I don't want to stress my tort out.

    Hello, So for a while, I have been seriously considering getting another reptile. I know that whatever I get will also have an enclosure in my room as well. My top choice right now is a ball python, but I'm really nervous that the snake will hurt my tort or try to kill him. Obviously they...
  7. Helena F.

    My tort just wont stop pooping.

    Hi, All of a sudden, my little dude wont stop pooping. I give him 20 - 30 minute soaks almost every day ( I've skipped a day once or twice) and he poops very little in his bathing tub. So once he's done, I'll dry him off and put him down for two seconds, flush the poopy water, turn back...
  8. Helena F.

    Here's a place to rant about people making up stuff about owning a tortoise.

    Hi, Thought I would go on a little rant cause sometimes we all need to do that. Does anyone else get frustrated when people just make up stuff about how to care for a tortoise and then just post it on the internet for the world to see? Cause I am. I was on YouTube and all I see is people...
  9. Helena F.

    Is a 4x2x2 a big enough enclosure for my RT?

    Hi, Im upgrading my tortoise for his indoor enclosure. I was thinking of doing a 4x2x2 for his indoor enclosure. Is that big enough or should I go bigger? If not do you have any ideas for adequate sized terrariums? I am building him his outdoor enclosure and I am still figuring out the...
  10. Helena F.

    I need help telling someone to stop stressing my tort out.

    Hi, I think you can tell from the title that I'm not confrontational about this. I'm staying at my grandma's house for the next month while we are getting ready to move into our new home. I love my grandma but she keeps picking up my tortoise, and I can tell it stresses him out, because he tries...
  11. Helena F.

    RT has a deep hole under his nostrils

    My Russian tortoise recently overcame a URI. He has gotten so much better and is back to the little fun guy that I love. He got nasal ointment and shots from the exotic vet. About a week or two after, a small lump formed on his nose. The vet said not to worry about it, but of course I worried...
  12. Helena F.

    tortoise scutes wearing down and dips in the back

    question. I recently noticed that my russian tortoise's spots were wearing down. ive read they wear down, especially for digging breeds but do the come/grow back? also he has a dip inwards in the last middle scute. anyone know why and is there anyway to fix both of these problems?
  13. Helena F.

    my RT has a really dry shell!

    help! my RT has a really dry shell. his humidity is between 40 - 60 percent and his warm basking side is 90-95 while his cool spot is 78-83 Fahrenheit. I give him daily bathes and mist him. I recently realized his light was too close to him so I moved it back. he also has a cool hide. Im...
  14. Helena F.

    Help! My tortoise has a runny nose, is whistling all the time, and is scratching his face!!!!

    Hi. I have a 6 year old Russian tortoise named Poseidon. I’ve been staying with my grandma during quarantine on the other side of the country and we safely shipped Poseidon out here about a week ago. He started sniffling and has had snot bubbles. He’s scratching a lot and is eating wayyyyy more...