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  1. Clementine_3

    Zoo Med Powersun 100 watt MVB

    Well, it's been a loooong time since I've posted but I've been reading and keeping up to date :) Turtle (Greek tort) is doing great thanks to you guys! I'm popping back on because I wanted to let you know that this bulb just doesn't seem to be lasting as long as they claim it should. I got...
  2. Clementine_3


    I was at the grocery store today and saw a package of "edible flowers" but it didn't say what the flower was and I can't tell a rose from a cactus! lol. I emailed the company ( and they told me the purple and white flower I saw was an orchid. Can Turtle (Greek tort) eat...
  3. Clementine_3

    My son, doing what he does!

    This is my goofy kid :) He'll be starting his last semester of college in a few weeks, his major is Wildlife Management. He spent last summer and this working for a research group up in Maine, he traveled a lot last year but not too much this year. Anyway, he is waaaaay up in the boonies so...
  4. Clementine_3

    Turtle is a pain in the... :)

    Well, since his ingestion adventure and the eco-earth substrate change he had not really settled back in. He was walking around more and eating less, just didn't seem happy like before so I put aspen back in this morning. He has eaten an entire plate of greens and is burrowed in under his...
  5. Clementine_3

    Good thoughts for Loretta please...

    Loretta is a three year old Leopard gecko, one of four that I have. We just got back from the vet and her prognosis is not very good at all. She had an internal bleed over the weekend, it stopped on it's own (not that anything can be done anyway) but there is the probability it will happen...
  6. Clementine_3

    Poop concern

    As some may recall I recently had an issue with Turtle, he ingested some aspen and pooped three pieces. Since then his appetite has been a bit off. Yesterday and today his poop had white bits in it, looks like urates but it's in his poop. There is nothing like that in his table that it could...
  7. Clementine_3

    Spike the therapy tortoise

    Thought this was pretty interesting/fun/cute. Spike is doing a good thing just by being Spike.
  8. Clementine_3

    Substrate scare...

    And we may not be out of danger yet :( I was using aspen in Turtle's table (he's a Greek) because he ate the sand that I started him with. Well, the day before yesterday he didn't eat much breakfast but I didn't worry too much then yesterday he barely ate anything and nothing this morning. I...
  9. Clementine_3

    Confused again! Choy sum OK to feed?

    I picked up some choy sum at the store today, it looked like a nice dark leafy green so I figured I'd look it up when I got home. Well, I'm home and now confused. lol. It seems to be called a lot of different things and sort of gets pointed back to bok choy, which seems to be OK to feed to a...
  10. Clementine_3

    Silly Turtle!

    I guess he takes "eat from your bowl" literally! He's just not right :D
  11. Clementine_3

    A bunch of pics of different things

    Just thought I'd share a few recent pics that I've taken. First up are of my good girl, Lilly. She's 20 months old and is a nut :) These were taken from my phone so aren't so great. This is one of my snakes, Ira is 3 years old and a tad over 5' long. This little fella was out...
  12. Clementine_3

    Water hyacinth?

    I thought I read somewhere that water hyacinths were OK for torts (Greek) but now can't find it. Just want to check before I offer it to Turtle, here is a link with a picture. I have access to a backyard pond and it's full of them so hopefully it's OK for him...
  13. Clementine_3

    Quick question about Turtle

    Do they shed or slough skin normally or is Turtle being a naughty boy? The skin on his neck is a bit flakey and dry and I'm not sure if that is OK or not. He drinks a lot, pees a lot, eats a lot and poops a lot and is pretty active so I'm not too worried about any of that, but the flaking is...
  14. Clementine_3

    Dandelion and endive

    Turtle (Greek tort) has recently decided that he would much rather eat dandelion and endive more than his spring mix. He picks them out and then only eats a bit of the spring mix, if I give him a good helping of just those he will eat it all up. Is too much of either bad for him? I do...
  15. Clementine_3

    Another bulb question.

    I have to replace my tube/strip light pretty soon, it's coming up on 6 months for it. I'm thinking of making the switch to a MegaRay/T-Rex all in one bulb (all my other worries aside) but am wondering how often they should be changed? I have been reading a ton on them and know that even after...
  16. Clementine_3

    Poachers/smugglers caught in NY...yay!

    Here is an article from my local newspaper, glad to see these guys got busted!!
  17. Clementine_3

    Difference between Russian & Greek care?

    What are the main differences for caring for a Greek and Russian? I have a Greek now and there is the slight outside chance of acquiring a Russian through a friend of a friend who knows someone who has a friend that no longer wants the Russian. I only just was asked if I want it, haven't seen...
  18. Clementine_3

    Clover Sprouts?

    I bought some clover sprouts for Turtle (Greek tortoise) yesterday thinking they would be OK for him because clover is OK for him. I'm wondering about that now though, I looked around and don't see anything about sprouts, just clover itself?? Can he have the sprouts? He does seem to like...
  19. Clementine_3

    Tim is getting big!

    He's 5 months old now and settling in quite nicely. Just thought I'd share :)
  20. Clementine_3

    Updated pics of Turtle

    I finally got around to taking better pictures of him! Anyone want to guess his age? He's 5 1/4" long.