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  1. handyw

    My New Enclosure

    Last Week my first baby sulcata is dead(the one on my prof pic) He died on the week when one of my tort got runny nose,and he got infected RI when he was already sick (HFS maybe) I already ordered the closed enclosure,but he dies before the new enclosure finished. Now i want to post my new...
  2. handyw

    Wrinkle plastron,lethargic,doesnt want to eat.

    My mistake buying from wrong seller(28 december 2020) since this baby is my first tort i only checked the eyes and nose. He eat 3 days after i bought him and upgraded my enclosure and stuff,i thought he will gradually become healthier but theres still no sign of him being active and eating...
  3. handyw

    Hello! I love animal and this is 1st time i got Sulcata baby!

    Hello from Indonesia!(no i do not own emys) ;) Nice to meet you guys! And thanks for tom and others that helping me on my 1st post at Tortoise Health for helping me setup my enclosure. This is my Baby 6cm Sulcata. Using Aquarium (60x30cm) temporary CHE + Thermostat SolarLamp UVB+UVA Hygrometer...
  4. handyw

    One of my 6cm Sulcata baby doesnt want to eat,move,and only sleep.

    I just bought 2 sulcata baby yesterday,and they was eating fine in the pet store I bought them,and 1 of them already lethargic when arrive at my home,i thought he's just sleepy and leave him at the morning i soaked him,and hes sleeping in his bath time,and doesnt want to eat. the other baby is...