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  1. chrisepperson

    Sluggish, Not Eating, Won't Open Eyes

    One of my sulcata hatchlings is sick. I have not seen him eat in a number of days, he is not as active as he was, and has had his eyes shut for almost a week. 90-93 & 75 degrees. Cypress mulch, 2 hides. Fed a varied diet of spring mix, romaine lettuce, chicory, mustard greens, etc. with...
  2. chrisepperson

    Hatchlings eat but don't poop.

    I recently posted about my new sulcata and received great advice. I have another question today....I feed them spring mix daily with a mix of mustard & turnip greens, with calcium and hay sprinkled in. They eat it all but have not seen they poop for well over 10 days. I soak them every morning...
  3. chrisepperson

    New Sulcata Owner

    Hello. I am new to the forum & new to sulcatas. I am a teacher and athletic trainer at a high school in Florida, I teach sports medicine. I don't quite know how I got so intrigued with tortoises but I am glad I did. I have just spent a week with my new sulcatas. After a year of interest and...