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  1. ariesxiao

    How old can a Burmese star to be sexed?

    A person wants to sell me a female Burmese star which is 4.5 inches long now. Can a Burmese star in this size confirm the gender?or it is still too small and those gender symptoms may change when it grows larger?
  2. ariesxiao

    Anyone sells spider tortoise?

    Anyone sells spider tortoise or know spider tortoise breeder? Thanks a lot!
  3. ariesxiao

    Sulcata gender

    He/she is almost 30 cms (11-12 inches). Can we tell the gender now? Thanks a lot!
  4. ariesxiao

    How to make my new adult Russian to eat

    Bought an adult Russian tortoise recently and she never eats anything in my place including the greens loved by my other tortoise. It is more than 1 week from I got her. I keep her separate with other Russians in a enclosure with good temperature(85-95F) and humidity( more than 50%) and soak...
  5. ariesxiao

    Look for a breeding size female Russian tortoise

    6+ inches. The one has been demonstrated to be able to breed is preferred
  6. ariesxiao

    is this Sulcata a male or a female?

    About 22cms (8-9 inches) long. Thanks a lot!
  7. ariesxiao

    Looking forward to adopt a testudo

    Like Russian, Herman or Greek females. No matter it is originally CB (hatched by a breeder) or WC(from pet store like petco or petsmart). I recently get a large enclosure and would like to adopt a small size tortoise like the listed above. I am in the greater Seattle area in Washington state...
  8. ariesxiao

    Is there any ploughshare tortoise to sell in the united states?

    Is it legal in USA? Does it have similar requirements like the radiated tortoise? What is the usual price? I know somebody sells the ploughshare tortoise in China for several hundred thousand Chinese Yuan in black market which is equals to more than 20,000 U.S. dollars. But tortoise is...
  9. ariesxiao

    Can someone suggest some low oxalic acid food for tortoise

    My Russian tortoise execretes a relative large amount of white stone-like stuff when I soaked it yesterday. I did some research and it looks like it is urinary stones and it may be caused by the oxalic acid in the greens The Russian doesn’t like to eat and doesn’t eat any tortoise food, no...
  10. ariesxiao

    Where can we buy fresh grasses to feed tortoise?

    Since many people said grass is the best for tortoise, I’d like to buy some grasses. Many pet store only sells hay. I also see some yard decoration company(e.g. lowes) sell lawns with real grasses. Can I buy that to feed the tortoise?
  11. ariesxiao

    How to deal with the tortoise diarrhea

    My Russian tortoise looks diarrhea since a few days ago and cannot recover. What should I do? I searched some online article saying that I need stop giving him food, increase the temperature in the tortoise tote and make it drier for several days. Not sure it is correct or not.
  12. ariesxiao

    Will there be any problem if the tortoise buries themselves deep in the coconut coir

    Finally put more than 4 inches coconut coir soil into my tote. I soaked the coir soil so it is wet as people in the forum said. Then I found my tortoise will dig deep to bury themselves into the soil. Sometimes they will leave part of the shell outside and sometimes the whole body will be under...
  13. ariesxiao

    What uvb bulbs do you guys use?

    I am currently using this It looks like a combination of UVB and UVA I put it 9-10 inches above the tortoise container bottom. Today I borrowed a UV meter from my friend which I believe is this one...
  14. ariesxiao

    Tortoise habitat container

    Where do you guys to buy the container to contain your tortoise? Or you all make by yourself? I tried to find those things in Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Petco and PetSmart and cannot find any. All they have are just some fish tanks which is used to keep turtle instead of tortoise. And I don't think...
  15. ariesxiao

    Tiny Bugs in Tortoise food

    Please see the attachment. I usually use water to soften the tortoise food and press it to powder to feed my tortoise. In my memory I saw these things after I press the tortoise to powder for a long time (which means they are inside the tortoise food). But at the beginning, I thought it was some...
  16. ariesxiao

    Is Coconut fiber substrate harmful to Tortoise health?

    I use this for the substrate/bedding of my tortoise container I find the tortoise usually drags the leaves out of the food container and eat it at anywhere it wants. And then the leaves will be attached a lot of the coconut...
  17. ariesxiao

    Any breeders in Great Seattle Area?

    Would like to get another tortoise but want to do local pick up
  18. ariesxiao

    Newbie here

    Hi, I am new here from Seattle, Washington state. I have two tortoise in my home. One is Sulcate which is about 7.5 cms currently. I bought it from a breeder in Las Vegas at the end of May 2018 at about 5.5 cms. The breeder said it was hatched in mid-April 2018. The other one is a Russian...