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  1. sonjac

    Need helping gaining weight for a rescue!

    You say you don't want to house them separately but what if the reason the rescue tortoise is under weight is because it is ill? New tortoises should always be quarantined for I think 6 months minimum. Your desire to keep them together without quarantining could cost your existing tortoise its...
  2. sonjac

    Pyramiding Leopard

    Hi Tom, thank you for your reply. I soak 2.3 times a week now as she is older. Will increase back to daily when I do the little ones. I dont usually leave for an hour but happy to do that. Will do the youngsters the same to make sure they carry on smooth. I havent tried spraying them but Will...
  3. sonjac

    Pyramiding Leopard

    I have 3 Leopard tortoises. One was rehomed at 2 years old and had been kept very dry and had bad pyramiding. The other 2 were rehomed at 6 months and had smooth shells. They have been kept together for a year and have grown very well. I have followed the instructions in the guides for humidity...
  4. sonjac

    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    2 Stars and 3 leopards. = 1748