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  1. Squirtle Time


    I'm worried that I am soaking my RT too often. I have been soaking him every other day for 5-10 minutes, but I read that it is a desert tortoise and needs a very dry substrate or risk of skin and shell infections. So moisture isn't good for him. How often should I be soaking him? When I got...
  2. Squirtle Time


    Squirtle is my new russian tortoise and tomorrow I am going to make his first clinic appointment. I'm just going for a check up, but it will be my first time visiting a vet. Any suggestions as to what I should address??? Also I will be visiting the Friendship Vet in Norfolk, so if you have been...
  3. Squirtle Time

    Hey Guys!

    I just got my first Russian Tortoise, Squirtle. I got him from Petco, which I learned was a mistake, but I have been researching non-stop so that he will be a very happy tortoise. This forum has helped me a lot. Thanks!