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  1. Ubercat

    What weight for hibernation?

    Hi Guys, My rescued Horsefield is - according to experts on this forum - 5-6 years old and has possibly never had a hibernation. Unfortunately he wasn’t very well when I acquired him, he had parasites, was malnourished and has some pyramiding. Right now he is 9.5cm long (from the “V” in his...
  2. Ubercat

    Should I blind my outdoor enclosure?

    My little Horsefield, Khan, just capsized himself in his new, outdoor enclosure! At first I couldn’t see how, but then I found him six inches up the wire mesh sides, and all became clear. Should I put something around the enclosure so he can’t see out? Any other advice gladly accepted! Thanks, x
  3. Ubercat

    Do worms and nematodes suggest my tortoise is wild caught?

    Hi everyone, I rescued my 2.5 year old Horsefieldii about 3 weeks ago, and today I learned from the lab that he has worms and nematodes, from the fecal samples I provided. I’ve read that this is more common when the tortoise is wild caught. I thought we had stopped importing this vulnerable...
  4. Ubercat

    My Horsefield just did something really cute, but I don’t want to anthropomorphise!

    I’ve had my tortoise a couple of weeks, and he’s setting in OK now. Today I put my hand down onto his basking rock and he climbed on. I would have assumed he was going to try either to fight me or mate! But he didn’t, he just sat down, and well... nestled! I know the previous owners had him...
  5. Ubercat

    Can you identify my subspecies?

  6. Ubercat

    Newly rescued Horsefield in the UK (diarrhea, poor appetite)

    Hi everyone, We're excited to be here! I managed to rescue an approximately 2.5 year old Horsefield tortoise last week. I'm completely new to tortoises, but I've been researching like mad, so I will hopefully do a better job than his previous owners. I have a couple of questions. Firstly, he's...