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  1. Amber26

    Fake Plants?

    Hello all! I have had a hosta and a spider plant in an indoor enclosure which were doing great, until they weren't. (He bulldozed the spider plant by knocking down the pot and kept flipping himself on it) I tried the hosta in soil and sank into the substrate but it died too. Has anyone had any...
  2. Amber26

    How to properly clean/disinfect a closed chamber?

    For those of you who have closed chambers, what is the best way you have found to clean/disinfect them? Looking for ideas as I currently have my little red foot in an old rabbit cage that I made a closed top for so I just take the top off to dump and clean the bottom, but I'm looking at moving...
  3. Amber26

    Hibernating American Toads

    Does anyone here know much about keeping American Toads? I have 3. Two of them decided I'm assuming to hibernate, or try to. Their enclosure is kept around 24-26°, drops to about 22 maybe at night, which I didn't think was cold enough for them to try to hibernate. I know they detect the change...
  4. Amber26

    Cleaning the Carapace?

    Is there a specific way/how often to clean a tortoise's carapace or plastron? Or does it even need to be done? I have a 5 month old Redfoot. Curious as he/she gets older if this is something I will need to do or if I should already be doing it? Daily soaks for about 15-25 min are already given...
  5. Amber26

    Hiding in the Hosta!

    I just got a hosta to add to my redfoots home, I'd say he approves!
  6. Amber26

    New Redfoot Enclosure

    "Little foot" has moved on up. We are now housing him in an old rabbit cage, our old enclosure was hard to keep humidity levels high enough. So we've covered the top with tinfoil until we can build an enclosed chamber once we move. We love how it turned out and so does he/she! Dimensions are 40"...
  7. Amber26

    Types of thermostats?

    I'm currently using heat bulbs but want to switch to a ceramic heat emitter. I've read about putting them on thermostats. Which thermostats are good/recommended for this? Thanks! If anyone knows how much heat is emitted from the different wattages of CHE's that would be appreciated as well...
  8. Amber26

    T.V. Stand Terrarium?

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are in the midst of coming up with plans for a much larger terrarium for our red foot tortoise. Essentially we would like it to be an L shape like in the one pic I found. In total it will be 25 sq'. We are wondering however if building it as a TV stand would be ok...
  9. Amber26

    How old for protein?

    Hi everyone? I'm wondering how old a red foot tortoise must be before eating protein? I've read conflicting info and just want to clarify. I plan to feed butterworms as my crested gecko eats them as well. Should I take the head off first or feed live to the red foot? Thank you!! :)
  10. Amber26

    Berry leaves and Flowers for Red Foot?

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but couldn't find any direct info on it, I'm in Ontario and live on 10 acres in the country. We have a lot of wild strawberry and blackberry bushes and wondering if my red foot can eat the leaves and/or flowers? I know the berries can be in moderation. We...
  11. Amber26

    New baby red foot parent in Ontario!

    Hello everyone! I just purchased a baby Red foot, who we've called Little Foot, 10 days ago and would like to thank you all for the information on this forum. It has definitely been helpful in the transition of bringing the little one home!