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  1. sueb4653

    Baby Greeks

    Baby Greeks hatched end of Aug 2014 for sale, I have 3, $100.00 each no shipping please I am located in Pueblo Colorado Email [email protected]
  2. sueb4653

    Baby Greeks

    Baby Greeks hatched end of Aug 2014 for sale, I have 3, $100.00 each no shipping please I am located in Pueblo Colorado Email [email protected]
  3. sueb4653

    Last egg TRIPLETS

    my last egg hatched it was triplets unfortunately they did not make it they where so tiny
  4. sueb4653

    Greek baby

    WhAt is the perfect temps for a hatchling Greek I have it in a closed setup with uv mercury vapor during the day and ceramic heat at night the hot side is hitting 99-103 and cooler side 89 I have a container in there to create humidity, substrate is coco coir. Please need some help on this to...
  5. sueb4653

    Baby hatching help please ASAP

    This baby has been like this since yesterday I can see him moving should I be worried about the time factor, someone please give some advise Sent from my iPad using TortForum
  6. sueb4653

    Aspen Colorado Tortoises used for art Please everyone sign the petition and get this this stopped Tortoises are being made to walk around on display with 2 I pads attached to their backs all in the name of art
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    Yerdel laying

    Here is a short video of Yerdel laying 2 of her eggs she laid a total of 3 Sent from my iPad using TortForum
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    Need advise PLEASE

    When I took the torts outside this morning Yerdel starting digging a hole with her hind legs I know this is indicative of egg laying. About a month ago I know the male caught her. She didn't lay anything in this hole but I also know they may make several holes. They don't have a permanent...
  9. sueb4653

    3 greeks need new home

    looking to find a new home for 3 greeks 2 female 1 male would prefer person be in Colorado, I am in Pueblo West. Have all the equipment and huge enclosure. Asking a small fee for the equipment please email me if you are interested Sue [email protected]
  10. sueb4653

    Plant ID please

    I'm thinking these may be wild primrose what do you all think?
  11. sueb4653

    Charlie and Yerdel

    Today I had Charlie and Yerdel out together and of course Charlie was right after Yerdel. after chasing her she actually seemed receptive when he mounted she lifted her back end up with her legs and I am pretty sure there was a connection. what I need to know is what to expect next what should I...
  12. sueb4653

    Dog runs....

    has anyone used a dog run for an outdoor enclosure obviously it would have to be modified some suggestions and/or pictures would be great. I'm having a hard time with this new place we moved to in figuring out how to do a new outdoor Also summer time afternoons can get in high 90's to 100 or so...
  13. sueb4653

    Went to the zoo..

    We did a spare of the moment trip to the zoo on the weekend...they only had some redfoots and a real poor condition sulcata badly pyramided and mbd that it couldn't use its back legs. (this sulcata was given to the zoo that way).Anyhow you go to the zoo to see the animals and what was I...
  14. sueb4653

    What is it about romaine...

    What is it about romaine lettuce that's makes tortoises go gaga over it?
  15. sueb4653

    TORTOISES IN cOLORADO sPRINGS what kind are they I cant tell?
  16. sueb4653


    handsome Charlie having a soak
  17. sueb4653

    ZuPreem Monkey Chow Biscuits

    I had someone tell me to try ZuPreem Monkey Chow Biscuits to get Charlie eating can I thoughts on this please
  18. sueb4653

    can opuntia fruit...

    can opuntia fruit be frozen so you have a supply throughout the winter?
  19. sueb4653

    russian needs help
  20. sueb4653

    tortoise losing weight - (updated after vet visit)

    ok Charlie has been losing weight (which I think I have stated before) he is now at 495grams a loss of another 15 grams since I weighed him about 2 weeks ago. I have separated from girls he has had a deworming treatment and another is due on the 19th of this month. Vet is away on vacation till...