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  1. tee_tee_bee

    Another Lethargic Russian (w/ good light & temps)

    After many bumps, bad advice from the pet shop, and my own fails learning as I go I think I have my tortoise in a fairly decent set up. I know it’s not ideal. I’m trying to figure out why my Russian tortoise lethargic all day and if I should just keep doing what I’m doing now and wait it out...
  2. tee_tee_bee

    Scutes Lifting

    Hi. I need some advice again on my RT. Yesterday I noticed the two scutes are lifting. They're right next to the area where a scute or two are already missing from before we aquiered her. I've been doing some research and have read conflicting information. I wanted to check here before reaching...
  3. tee_tee_bee

    Roundworms & New Tort Stress

    So I've read thru as many of the past forum posts as I can to try to find the answer to my problem but I'm still not completely sure so I figured I'd post for advice. We've only had our Russian tortoise, Pinecone, for about 2 months now. We were told she's about 4 yrs old but no clue if that's...
  4. tee_tee_bee

    Russian Tortoise Peeling Scute Edges / Shell Health

    Hello. First timer here. I very recently acquired a Russian tortoise that I was told is probably around 4 years old. We’ve had her since December 31st. I’ve enmeshed myself on a crash course in learning absolutely as much as I can about Russian torts to make sure we give her a great home. Of...