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  1. Amber26

    humidity questions

    Are we talking a baby or an adult? From my research and reading on here, yes it is necessary. They need the high humidity to grow smoothly and healthy even non rain forest species as they hatch out in monsoon seasons. I have a terrarium that I have turned into a closed chamber and find it fairly...
  2. Amber26

    We got a Redfoot down!

    He's lucky he didn't flip the other way and end up upside down in the water bowl! Mines been flipping randomly lately. The one day it was in the middle of his pen, nothing around him that he could have flipped on. Sometimes I wonder if he drags himself a bit trying to get back shell side up.
  3. Amber26

    Fake Plants?

    Thank you!!!
  4. Amber26

    Fake Plants?

    He is gorgeous!!!!
  5. Amber26

    Fake Plants?

    Thank you for the feedback! Your enclosure is beautiful!
  6. Amber26

    Fake Plants?

    Hello all! I have had a hosta and a spider plant in an indoor enclosure which were doing great, until they weren't. (He bulldozed the spider plant by knocking down the pot and kept flipping himself on it) I tried the hosta in soil and sank into the substrate but it died too. Has anyone had any...
  7. Amber26

    baby tomatoes

    Forgot to mention butterworms once every couple of weeks for protein and cuttlebone available
  8. Amber26

    baby tomatoes

    I'm also in Canada and limited to mostly grocery store foods. Bambam gave you great ideas for grocery stores. I also purchased a bad of seeds for weeds from Carolina pet supply and it has been easy to grow and feed to my redfoot. I have also been growing a hibiscus inside, its been doing fairly...
  9. Amber26

    Cautionary tale :(

    It was said because I feel some people think because things are safe to spray around people that it is ok around pets too. We have a strict no spray policy.
  10. Amber26

    How hard for beginner to take care of red foot hatchling?

    I have a one year old redfoot who I got with NO tortoise experience when he/she was about 3 months old. I had a crested gecko and bearded dragons, salamanders etc you name it beforehand. I don't think it matters one way or the other which you get first as both will require you to have specific...
  11. Amber26

    Cautionary tale :(

    Always a great idea to have money set aside for emergencies with pets. We have horses as well so know all too well that emergencies can and do happen quickly. The cost of vets is crazy now a days. It costs me less for bills for my horses than it does for our cats, dog and other small critters. I...
  12. Amber26

    Cautionary tale :(

    So very sorry for your loss. I refuse to spray even Lysol or febreeze or anything of the like in fear of harming my tortoise, aquatic frogs and fish. I couldn't even begin to imagine the heartache you've been through. Happy that you still have some left and you were able to diagnose the issue.
  13. Amber26

    I would love your input on my enclosure

    What a great deal, those are beautiful!
  14. Amber26

    I need your help for my project!

    I didn't purchase my tort from a petco or pet smart but I did get mine from a REPTILE store. There was no water dish or food visible in the terrarium and there was 5 hatchlings in an 18x18. Red bulbs. One had a shut swollen eye and was walked on by the others. I got one that was most active...
  15. Amber26

    Question about Redfoot shell.

    Following this - mine still has the imprint at the front like yours. I thought it would grow out over time as well.
  16. Amber26

    grasses through a meat grinder??

    Out of curiosity, have you looked into dried hay cubes for horses? It's usually a mixture of different hays like timothy/alfalfa etc. They can be soaked in water for horses or I'm sure you could break them apart or even let the tortoise chew on them dry if they would. In Canada they are like $20...
  17. Amber26

    tips for safe protein?

    Mine LOVES butterworms. Will eat them if they are in the dish before anything else.
  18. Amber26

    8 to 14 months.

    Weird! I just clicked and it worked. I'll try again :)
  19. Amber26

    Frozen fresh foods

    Hi Wendy. I freeze pretty much anything that will, papaya, figs, mango, pear, squash, zucchini, kiwi. I've heard dandelion goes to mush but hopefully you will have better luck with that! I have been growing my own weeds in a tank in the window sill. I collected some dandelion seeds in the summer...
  20. Amber26

    8 to 14 months.

    This is my 10 month old. Last weigh was a couple of weeks ago at just under 80g