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  1. ariesxiao

    How old can a Burmese star to be sexed?

    A person wants to sell me a female Burmese star which is 4.5 inches long now. Can a Burmese star in this size confirm the gender?or it is still too small and those gender symptoms may change when it grows larger?
  2. ariesxiao

    Anyone sells spider tortoise?

    Anyone sells spider tortoise or know spider tortoise breeder? Thanks a lot!
  3. ariesxiao

    Sulcata gender

    He/she is almost 30 cms (11-12 inches). Can we tell the gender now? Thanks a lot!
  4. ariesxiao

    My sulcata always has some sound recently. Any problem?

    I found something for you recently. Don’t use a fog humidifier to add humidity. The problem is the fog humidifier will mist not only the water but everything in the water including bacterial, virus and minerals. Those things will cause lung problems if it is breathed by your tortoise. If you...
  5. ariesxiao

    What’s your best recommendation to purchase?

    I feel Sulcata is very hard to handle and challenge if you need to keep him inside. He needs large space and he will damage any barriers or walls you set for him. One of my friends has a large yard and he build a small house on the yard for his Sulcata. But the wall of the house is always...
  6. ariesxiao

    What’s your best recommendation to purchase?

    How can this cloth or cover stop Sulcata’s escaping thought? I bought a green house for my Sulcata and the cover is made by soft plastic cloth. He broke the cover and went out
  7. ariesxiao

    Will ants be harmful to tortoise?

    Fire ants will be a problem which is toxic and may bite your tortoise. Regular little black ants look ok. It may bother your tortoise and make him uncomfortable if there are too many in your tortoise's body, But small amount of little black ants should be ok. If you put your tortoise outdoor, it...
  8. ariesxiao

    How to make my new adult Russian to eat

    Bought an adult Russian tortoise recently and she never eats anything in my place including the greens loved by my other tortoise. It is more than 1 week from I got her. I keep her separate with other Russians in a enclosure with good temperature(85-95F) and humidity( more than 50%) and soak...
  9. ariesxiao

    Two adult Russians for sale

    The female has gone. Too late
  10. ariesxiao

    Look for a breeding size female Russian tortoise

    6+ inches. The one has been demonstrated to be able to breed is preferred
  11. ariesxiao

    My sulcata always has some sound recently. Any problem?

    If the tortoise has runny nose or it is hard to breath by nose (it may open his month to breath very often) or it has some saliva remains around its month, there may be a problem with its respiratory system. Otherwise I am not worried about it too much. But continue to do a close observation
  12. ariesxiao

    Cactus pads

    I usually buy it from some Asian grocery store. I don’t know what brand it is. Usually 1 dollar per pound in a Chinese supermarket or 1.5 dollar per pound in the H-mart which is the Korean chain supermarket in the USA. My tortoise like it very much
  13. ariesxiao

    Male Desert Totoise For Adoption in Southern California

    Ok. Got it. I though captive bred animals will usually be healthier than the wild animals since there is someone taking care of them. I know many wild tortoises have the parasitic disease. I also read some data from online that captive bred animals usually live longer than wild animals
  14. ariesxiao

    Male Desert Totoise For Adoption in Southern California

    Is desert tortoise a native species in CA? Why don’t we just release it to the wild if we cannot keep it
  15. ariesxiao

    is this Sulcata a male or a female?

    About 22cms (8-9 inches) long. Thanks a lot!
  16. ariesxiao

    Free Russian tortoise

    It looks Berry is a male?
  17. ariesxiao

    Looking forward to adopt a testudo

    Like Russian, Herman or Greek females. No matter it is originally CB (hatched by a breeder) or WC(from pet store like petco or petsmart). I recently get a large enclosure and would like to adopt a small size tortoise like the listed above. I am in the greater Seattle area in Washington state...
  18. ariesxiao

    tortoise insurance

    tortoise can be enrolled in medicare?
  19. ariesxiao

    Russian Tortoise to Rehome - Portland, OR

    What’s the gender?
  20. ariesxiao

    Sully age?

    My one year old Sulcata is already 11cms in belly shell. Much larger than this one