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  1. Lokkje

    Mr. Snarky having fun

    It was a nice day today so Mr. Snarky decided to go out and catch some rays. 5 1/2 hasn’t started brumating yet so there was a close encounter of the tortoise kind. We are all done sunny now so he’s back in his enclosure that Mark built.
  2. Lokkje

    Hating his hide

    OK I was talking about this in my thread on my awesome new leopard enclosure that I got from Mark. My tortoise decided to quit using his hide. He outgrew his hide from his lousy old enclosure and I got a plastic shoebox and wrapped it in foil for his new enclosure and he was avoiding it and was...
  3. Lokkje

    Awesome new home

    I am extremely excited. I have been carefully saving up my money and watching to see if my leopard rescue survived. When he passed 100 g I decided it was time to commit to getting a really good enclosure. After reading all the threads and looking at multiple different enclosures including trying...
  4. Lokkje

    Scorpion sting

    My 60+-year-old desert tortoise Tiny Tim was stung by a scorpion last Friday. He was very ataxic and I heard him bumping and slamming around on the patio. I took him to Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital in Mesa Arizona and he was given 5 days of meloxicam and is still on injections of...