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  1. JohnathanO

    New Tortoise Box

    I've been planning on building a new tortoise box for my sulcata for the spring/summer but recent knee surgery forced me to postpone the project, so finally I was able to get it done recently. I used styrofoam insulation in between the walls, and ran electrical for lights or possibly a heater. I...
  2. JohnathanO

    Couple of updated pics

    Haven't posted pics of Gizmo in a while, so here are some I snapped today while he was eating. According to his previous owner he's about a year old.
  3. JohnathanO


    I know it's good for them, but I was wondering how often people feed opuntia to there tortoises, is it something you would feed everyday? couple times a week? or once and a while. I've been giving it to my sulcata a couple times a week, but my leopard doesn't seem to like it too much.
  4. JohnathanO

    Hello from the Hospital :)

    Hey guys, I've been on a waiting list for a cartilage transplant for a year now and finally got the call Friday that I got a donor, so I'm at the hospital bored out of my mind and missing my tortoises :( Just thought I'd say Hi, surgery is tomorrow at 8am. Wish me luck, good thing I have this...
  5. JohnathanO

    My Gargoyle Gecko

    Just a few pics of my gargoyle gecko. My niece loves her :)
  6. JohnathanO

    Updated pics of my leopard :)

    Just a couple of updated pics of my Leopard (Gizmo) , I've had him about 2 and a half months, he eats like a pig and is gaining weight everyday :) He's gained 25 grams since I got him.
  7. JohnathanO

    Turtle and tortoise pics from Toronto zoo's

    Just a few turtle and tortoise pics from the Toronto Zoo and Reptilia (reptile zoo) A Sulcata at Reptilia Red Foot at Reptilia Fly River Turtle Painted Turtles I believe (???) Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra Serpentina) I'm not sure if I'm correct on this one, maybe...
  8. JohnathanO

    What to do at night?

    I was just wondering what everyone does at night with outdoor torts, Do you lock them in their homes? are you worried about other animals bothering them? My sulcata is about 15 lbs, i'm just worried about raccoons, skunks or possums bothering him at night so i normally bring him in. I'm...
  9. JohnathanO

    New Leopard Pics

    So I've had him for a month now, he was 53g when I got him and now he's up to 72g.
  10. JohnathanO

    Canadian Reptile Expo Video

    If anyone is interested in seeing a few animals from the Canadian Reptile Expo heres a short video. (sorry tortoises aren't too popular at our shows)
  11. JohnathanO

    Weight Question

    Hi, So I got a young Leopard tortoise on October 4th and his weight was 52g, His weight has jumped to 70g as of a couple of days ago but when I weighed him tonight it had dropped to 66g. The woman I bought him from said he was 7 months old when I bought him from her, So he's roughly 8...
  12. JohnathanO

    My Little Guy

    Its a little blurry but i'll try to put up some better pics soon, but I just picked up this little guy today :) It's my 1st Leopard, I'm pretty excited.
  13. JohnathanO


    Hi everyone, my names Johnathan, I currently keep 2 Red Footed Tortoises a three-toed box turtle a sulcata tortoise and a chinese soft shell turtle. Im a member of a few different reptile sites and just stumbled upon this one. This is my 21 year old three toed box turtle This is my...