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  1. dprince

    Getting rid of earwigs and spiders :-(

    Hello all, I am having the worst time with earwigs and spiders in my enclosed tortoise enclosure. :-( I can only guess they came in with the substrate and/or live plants. What is the best way to get rid of them? Thanks in advance! :)
  2. dprince

    Substrate in dry area of a Waterland tub for Spotted turtles

    Hello!! I have recently acquired a small Waterland tub for my sub adult spotted turtles, and would like to have a really nice, pretty, naturalistic dry side for them. What substrate would you suggest and why? What plants would you recommend both in the water and on the land? Any other...
  3. dprince

    Best way to lower PH?

    Hi all!! What is the best, most non invasive way to lower the PH level of my turtles' aquarium? I've read about different products and such, but I'm looking for folks' actual experiences. Thank you in advance! :-)
  4. dprince

    CBW permits in 2020

    Hello all, I've heard that these are extra hard to get now, with some very experienced people not getting renewed, and some zoos unable to get their CBW. :-( Is there anyone with experience that could share how someone successfully got one? I know it will take a while (if it's successful.)...
  5. dprince

    My new Burmese Stars!!

    Here are my new Burmese Stars from Mark! They are already out exploring their environment. The enclosure is from Mark too. What awesome, healthy critters, and these enclosures are the best thing EVER in reptile keeping!
  6. dprince

    My two enclosures from Mark!

    Hello! I wanted to post pictures of the enclosures all set up from Mark. One is for my SA Leopards, and the other is my new Burmese Stars. I CANNOT recommend these enclosures enough!!!
  7. dprince

    My new enclosure from Mark!

    Hi everyone! I wanted to post pictures of my new enclosure from Mark! I actually got two that I can put together as needed. I cannot tell you how well built, how easy these are to put together and set up. Everything is intuitive, automated, and well thought out. As a bonus, I was fortunate...