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  1. ArkansasKelly

    found ringneck snake...keep or turn loose?

    I just found a young ring neck snake hiding in my spare bedroom. Seeing how it is going to be cold outside, should I over winter him here in the house or turn him loose outside so he can take his chances? Thanks.
  2. ArkansasKelly

    Some pics of my boxies

    Thought I would post some pics of my boxies before they dissapeared for the winter. female large female with spots female with white beak shy female male, looks yellow, but is really orange very orange 3" male bland 3" possibly female colorful youngin
  3. ArkansasKelly

    What to do next?

    Okay, I got 18" dirt, 3-4" of mulch and I just got done stuffing leaves into the hide boxes. What else should I do to prep for hibernation? Should I spread hay on top AFTER they go under or now? On a side note, we have been in the middle to high 30's at night and in the 50's during the day...
  4. ArkansasKelly

    Hatchling leopard tortoise for adoption

    This little guy has an URI, but still eats great, drinks and deficates. Times are tough here, like everywhere else and the funds and time are not going to allow for proper treatment. So, I am willing to give her to someone who has the time and funds. If shipping is required, I would have to...
  5. ArkansasKelly

    straw as an insulator?

    Would it be a good idea to cover my boxie pen with straw? We have been darn right chilly here, but the boxies are still out. I was just wondering if straw would help. If not, what would you recommend?
  6. ArkansasKelly

    Some people need their head examined!

    If it was legal, I would go around shooting everyone who is mean to animals. Expecially, little helpless ones. (Figure of speech...I really wouldn't shoot them!) A week ago, Hubby and I were heading to town for something. We got on out dirt road and when we rounded the corner, there it was. A...
  7. ArkansasKelly

    2 adult uromastyx for sale

    1 CBB mali-uromastyx for sale. Roughly 2.5 years old. Very handleable, but shy. Super healthy female. $80.00 plus shipping. 1 LTC adult male nigerian yellow uromastyx. Super friendly and enjoys to he handled. Age is unknown. $90.00 plus shipping. Take both for $150.00 plus shipping.
  8. ArkansasKelly

    9 adult leopard geckos

    I have 9 adults leopard geckos for sale. These will be sold as a group only. Males: 1-mack snow 66% het bell 1-tremper hybino (sunglow) 1-SHT het sunglow and 50% raptor 1- bold stripe tang, giant Females: 1- SHTCTB-proven 1-SHT 100% het albino, 50% het raptor-proven 1- mack...
  9. ArkansasKelly

    1.2 Leopard Geckos for sale

    Here are 3 super healthy leopard geckos for sale. They are all virgins and are ready to breed. First one is the male. He is a Bold Stripe from Hot Gecko. H.D. 6-12-08 and weighs 83g. First female is a Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy. From Hot Gecko, H.D. 4-30-08 and weighs 43g...
  10. ArkansasKelly

    pics of new boxie pen

    Here is my new boxie pen. It is 12'x6'. I still need to do some inside landscaping, but the boxies seem to like it so far. Peek-a-boo... Photos of boxies coming soon...
  11. ArkansasKelly

    enclosure/hibernation thoughts

    Hey guys, it is good to be back. I was taking a hiatus for awhile. :D I am in need of some thoughts if possible. I am building a 12'x6' enclosure of my boxies. Right now, it is only 12" tall, but that may change depending on what ya'll say. I am thinking about putting wire along the...
  12. ArkansasKelly

    A few photos of my charges

    Everyone is munching on a mix of clover, polk salad, dandelion and endive. These are the 4 cherryheads that I bred myself. Female Indian Star, Jasmine. Male Indian Star, Jasper. My hatchling Leopard tortoise, dubbed Leo, but still looking for a unisexed name. The...
  13. ArkansasKelly

    Salamander ID please

    Can anyone tell me what type of Salamander this is? Thanks ARKelly
  14. ArkansasKelly

    water crest?

    Is water crest safe to feed to torts? I read that it is in the same family as turnip greens. We have tons of it growing in the creek. Thanks, ARKelly
  15. ArkansasKelly

    Female Bearded Dragon for sale

    Almost adult Female bearded dragon. Blood red x citrus cross. Very friendly. Eating dark leafy greens, crickets and meal worms. Asking $60.00 plus shipping obo. [email protected]
  16. ArkansasKelly

    Breeding pair of Indian Stars for sale

    Up for sale is my pair of Indian Stars. Both are supposed to be captive bred. (not farmed) Male is 5" and the female is 6". They have been mated and the female has laid 3 eggs. Both are super healthy and they are eating dark leafy greens, grasses and weeds, hay, yellow squash and mazuri tort...
  17. ArkansasKelly

    Am I a bad person?

    My Husbands Mother has perm. moved in with us. She came to stay with us last year this time, but it was sort of an on and off kind of thing. Anyways, she came back up here perm. on New Years Eve day. Since then, our lives have been hell. She is 78 and very capable of doing thing for herself...
  18. ArkansasKelly

    Oklahoma reptile expo Feb. 28-March 1st

    Ramada Tulsa Airport East 1010 N. Garnett Rd. Tulsa, OK 918-437-7660 Feb. 28-March 1st April 25-26 June 13-14 August 15-16 Oct. 17-18 10am.-4pm both days. Admission $5.00 for adults. I will be there on the 28th. Anyone going? ARKelly
  19. ArkansasKelly


    For the life of me I cannot find that thread about using eye ointment on a tort or turt. Could someone please remind me what the name of it was and if I can get it locally? Thanks, ARKelly
  20. ArkansasKelly

    Are you prepared for a disaster...

    I sure was not. LOL A freak Ice storm hit NWA last week and crippled the city. Most people were out of power for a few days, but most, like me, were out for at least a week and more will be out longer than that. Our power finally came back on last night so we were out for 8 days and 10 hours...