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  1. sasha

    soon-to-be first time tortoise owner

    Hi everyone, my name is Sasha Dapron. I joined the forum about a month ago when I decided now is the time to get my tortoises I've always wanted. I built the table last night, got it set up, and planted, now just waiting for everything to grow in and my 2 redfoot tortoises (Uma and Chubs) will...
  2. sasha

    good sites to order plants from

    Does anyone know any good sites to order pestacide free plants from that I can use in my redfoot tortoise enclosure. Hostas, mosses, spider plants ect.
  3. sasha

    good idea or bad?

    I am getting 2 redfoots in a month or so. I am in the stages of designing their enclosures. Now I have read for an adult redfoot their enclosures need to be 8'x4'. We plan to house them together so that would be a very big indoor enclosure to have sitting in my house. I was thinking about...
  4. sasha

    plants for redfoot tortoise

    I am currently in the middle of buying my 2 redfoot tortoises and all the things needed for them. I have about a month before they will be at my home and am trying to get everything figured out for their enclosures before hand so I can test the temps and humidity. I have looked at many sites...