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  1. kayleedobbins

    Is 2 okay??

    Hi all, I'm still getting used to having my two baby redfoots and I find the forum so helpful! I got my redfoots from a breeder at a repticon here in Tampa a few months ago, they are roughly 4 months currently. They were together when I bought them and I have kept them together since. Recently...
  2. kayleedobbins

    Safe plants

    Good morning all!! I am looking for some good recommendations for some plants I can plant for my redfoot tortoises to munch on. I live in Florida and have a patio I can keep them on but there is not a ton of sun hitting it, just something to mention. Any recommendations would be greatly...
  3. kayleedobbins

    New tortoise owner!

    Hello All!! I have been reading this forum for months now and I never made an account, until today. I am a new "tortoise mom", if you will, to two baby redfoot tortoises, Peach and Plum. I have wanted a tortoise forever and these two were a wedding gift from my husband when we got married! I...