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  1. TortMomma

    That time of year...

    Despite my efforts my EBT hatchling has buried herself and not surfaced for a few days. Her tank is warm, it ranges from 70-80F depending on the time of day. I do not use a heat lamp on her tank, just a UVB strip for 4 hours a day. The room she is kept in gets very warm when we turn the heat on...
  2. TortMomma

    Purple face

    Someone enjoyed their first cactus pear! There's nothing better than a sully when it comes to food! They don't shy away! Hehe
  3. TortMomma

    Rehoming 2 large Sulcata's in Pa

    I am trying to find homes for two large male sulcatas. Their names are Sponge bob and Patrick. One is roughly 90lbs and the other 100lbs. The owner has had them since hatchlings for the past 13years and he can no longer keep up with their care. They can be separated, in fact it will probably be...
  4. TortMomma

    I'm running out of containers!

    With all the tortoises around here and the rescues we have to watch our pennies so we make due with what we have, but soaking has become an ordeal. Haha I'm running out of containers! I like to get them all done at once so I'm not running back and fourth. Luckily most of my guys are small so I...
  5. TortMomma

    My two new babies

    Went to the Hamburg, Pa reptile show a couple weekends ago in search of a baby leopard tortoise. There wasn't many and a lot of the sellers wanted big bucks for them but luckily my dad is friends with most of them so he got a good deal and surprised me this cutie! Then I saw how cute the...
  6. TortMomma

    Exo terra soft pellets

    Just wondering if anyone has tried or heard anything about exo terra "soft bites" or the "cup diet". I'm guessing it would be comparable to mazuri or zoo med pellets. I got 2 coupons in this months reptile magazine and was wondering if its worth buying. Thanks in advance Mommy to: Nevan-...
  7. TortMomma

    Never wake a sleeping tortoise!

    Anyone else notice how hard and grumpy tortoise's are when you wake them? Or is it just mine who are like grumpy teenagers? I gently try to wake up my russian but she will hiss and go back to sleep. I've noticed this in other species too. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this. Mommy...
  8. TortMomma

    A question about pairs of leopard torts.

    So after rehoming the sulcata and my family being upset. I'm now looking into getting a new tortoise or two. I would love a species that eventually got large, but now sulcata large, so I was thinking a leopard would be a good choice. Plus they're beautiful. I also like the idea that they can be...
  9. TortMomma

    Large sulcata in Delaware county pa for adoption.

    I have a large male sulcata I'm looking to rehome. I live in Delaware county pa about 20 minutes from Philadelphia.
  10. TortMomma

    60lb sulcata dropped into my lap! Have no clue what to do.

    Someone dropped off a 60lb sulcata to me today. I'm not prepared. At all! In fact I'm scared! That's a lot of tortoise. I had a young sulcata at one point that was stolen from our outside pen. It's still kind of warm here in Pa so he will have to go outside for now until I can think of something...
  11. TortMomma


    Hi everyone! I've been lurking for months now. Thought is finally join. My name is Joni and I live in PA about 20 mins outside of Philadelphia. Currently I have a Russian tortoise and an eastern box turtle hatchling. Although these are not my first. I've been exposed to most species as my father...