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  1. shellysmom


    Hello! Around 8pm, I was driving down State Road 72 at 55 mph, and cars in front of me swerving around a small chelonian. I pulled over thinking it was a Florida box turtle, and was going to help across the road. Imagine my surprise and delight when I picked up an :<3: East Hermann's tortoise...
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    Daisy & Her Christmas Tree

    Her Charlie Brown Christmas tree, that is... [hr] WHYYYYYYY DOES IT DO THAT? Can someone please flip her right side up.
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    My tort is nesting. Can I interrupt her?

    While I was letting Daisy have a romp around the property, she dug a nest and is now laying eggs. The problem is, it's about to get dark here, and I don't want to leave her out overnight, but I also don't want to interrupt her laying if she's right in the middle of it... I've never had a female...
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    It's a beautiful, sunny day! The garden is finished!!!
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    Unboxing the Baby Boxie!!!

    S/he's here! Sooooooo teeny tiny!!!! I'm glad we didn't give it to the little boy... just way too small. Thanks, FedEx, for keeping the box right-side-up! Where is it?????? There s/he is!!!! "Here I am! OK, put me down." "Mom says I need to rehydrate after the journey..."...
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    What is this on the Plastron?

    I just got this little redfoot shipped from up north to foster for a couple days before it goes to its forever home in SW Florida. I noticed the plastron looks a little strange. At first I thought it was just coloring from whatever substrate it was on before, but after looking again, it seems a...
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    Daisy's Totoise Garden -- In Progress!!

    Rise N Shine, Beautiful!! Not finished yet, but she loves it! Hanging out under her favorite bush...
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    569 Radiated Tortoises Seized
  9. shellysmom

    Anyone near Maricopa City, AZ available to transport a sully rescue?

    Hi, We are trying to rescue these guys. We have a foster home available in Phoenix through the lovely and brave LuckysGirl007. We need someone to pick these needy little sullies up and get them transported to Phoenix, or maybe even meet the foster half-way. Let me know if you might be able to...
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    Russian Tortoise in San Antonio
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    Hingeback Near Houston
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    Turtle in Houston Area -- What Kind?

    What kind of turtle is this?
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    Some of the members on the forum have expressed interest in creating a network to help at-risk tortoises identified through ad websites, such as Craig's List. We have developed the Tortoise Rescue Network (TRN) to help ensure that tortoises currently receiving substandard care do not simply pass...
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    Tortoise Found in Santa Monica, CA

    From American Tortoise Rescue--- Tortoise found in Santa Monica, CA area. Email: [email protected] with description if you lost one.
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    Doctor Saves Drowned Tortoise with Mouth-to-Mouth

    OMG, has anyone seen this? Really sweet story. :)
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    Sulcata Photos from a Roadside Zoo

    Saw these torts yesterday. Should I contact the facility with some suggestions for improvement? It's a pathetic little place, operating as a "sanctuary," but run on a shoestring budget by a retired circus family. They have lots and lots of animals crammed into a span of a few acres. Lions...
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    My Lawn Guy Almost Just Poisoned my Redfoot

    I'm sitting here on the computer, procrastinating as long as possible before I go out and run my boring errands. I glance out the window and the guy who mows my lawn is standing in my redfoot's enclosure with a big tank on his back and spraying something all over the grass and weeds. I ran...
  18. shellysmom

    A Happy Guy

    I was sifting through all of my photos for the calendar contest. I submitted my favorite, but this was my second favorite. :D It's my Tubby just strolling through the meadow next to our pond. I think of all the little sullies who live up north, who will some day become big and need to live...
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    CL Turtle, Tiny Tank, Tampa FL
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    Crisis Averted!!

    Yesterday evening the roofers were here repairing a leak, and they had to set up a ladder in Daisy's enclosure to access the roof. Well, they must have dragged the ladder out or something, because I went out this morning to feed her and the fencing where the ladder had been was knocked over, and...