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  1. richybear

    How to get a leopard eating grass and weeds

    Hi I have 2 leopard tortoises aged 5 and 6 just wanted some advice on how to get them off veggies on to grass weeds and hay . thanks in advance for any help
  2. richybear

    Weigh in of my 2

    I weighed Audrey and Seymour today even though I got them with awful pyramiding they are gaining weight well . Seymour now weighs 1kg 500g which is 140g more than late November and Audrey now weighs 3kg 360g which is 240g more than November :)
  3. richybear

    How to tell age of leopard tortoises

    Hi I rescued 2 leopard tortoises a while ago I was told the male was 4 and female was 5 . the male is 8 inches and female is 11 inches does that sound right size ?
  4. richybear

    Weighed my tortoises today

    I weighed my leopards today audrey weighed in at 3kg and 120g and Seymour weighed in at 1kg and 360g
  5. richybear

    Bath time

    Bath time at home
  6. richybear


    Since halloween is nearly here lets see the tortoises costumes :)
  7. richybear

    Male or female

    Can you help me determine the sex of my 4 and 3 year old pbs as I was told 1 was male and 1 was female I just want yo make sure
  8. richybear

    Leopard tortoise whistling noise when breathing

    Hi I just wrote on health page also about same thing my 4 year old female leopard tortoise keeps whistling when breathing . She is eating well and very active. She has a dry nose and eyes look good . She is showing no signs of being unwell . He tank is 95 - 80 with a high humidity . I also have...
  9. richybear

    Leopard tortoise whistling noise when breathing

    Hi my new leopard tortoise audrey is whistling when she breaths . It has been for last few days . She is eating well and very active . She has a dry nose and her eyes look good . The heat in her tank is 95 -80 with a high humidity . My other leopard is fine and doesnt seem effected at all . She...
  10. richybear

    Leopard tortoises wont eat today

    Hi I have 2 leopard tortoises audrey 4 years old and Seymour nearly 3 . Neither of them will eat today . I put their favourite food down but they both keep ignoring it . Audrey is normally a great eater . The temp is 95 under basking lamp and 80 in cool area . Should I be worried or is it cause...