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    something in throat maybe?

    hi i noticed my tortoise had her mouth wide open like when she yawns , but she does it about 4 or 5 times and tries to scratch her neck with her front foot , shes eating now, breathing fine , toilets all ok , had baths ,do you think she has just got a scratch in her throat or something stuck ...
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    hi i separated my tortoises after nearly a year together because one of them kept biting and butting the other,now the bullied one(bam bam) takes himself off to bed at 8ish and wakes up at 7 in the morn , stays awake all day and eats and constantly tries to climb the divide to get to the other...
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    hi ive got two spur thigh tortoises and know what plants they can eat , but was wondering if my yellow bellied turtles can eat the same plants as well as their turtle food .does anyone know ? thanks in advance to any replies .
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    biting and butting

    hi our tortoises have been together since we bought them last august ,not sure about the sex,was supposed to be boy and girl but ive seen very long bits come out of both , recently one of them has been really butting and biting the other , we have split the indoor and outdoor enclosures in half...
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    hi , i posted a pic of my tortoises the other day but it has been moved ,so only one person has offered their opinion of what sex they are,i just wanted to know more opinions as one of them is biting,butting and mounting the other , is it 2 males or 2 females fighting or is it one of each that...
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    hello everyone , im new to this site ,i have 2 spur thighs and was told they were a boy and girl, i just wanted to know whether girl tortoises ever do the butting,biting and mounting as my (girl) has started to do this or do you think she is a he ?