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    Minimum temperatures outdoors for EBT?

    What's a recommended air temperature range for bringing my captive bred EBT outdoors? Last summer I built a 4x8' pen, and we would bring the turt indoors every evening. Now it's spring and I'd like to start bringing it outside again, but I worry it's still too cool for a turtle that hasn't...
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    Maybe the last outdoor day for my EBT

    Temps have been cooling off here and the leaves are starting to fall, not sure how many more days we will be able to put our EBT outside in his nice big enclosure. It's 25C out now, which is what I have the cool side of his indoor enclosure set to, so he's good to go out right now for maybe the...
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    Help Moving EBT Outdoors For First Time

    We're considering moving our 3yr old EBT outdoors for the summers now that it's gotten older and bigger. I know it's the best thing for it, but I've got a few concerns with the environment we can provide though. Thinking about building something out of pressure treated landscape timbers...