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  1. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Turtles and Tortoises Illustrations

    I would very much like to see a drawing of my little one. I think it’s a really good photo.
  2. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Is me again.

    You don’t need a 700 dollar enclosure, a closed chamber just from a plastic tote will do, there’s factors on why you shouldn’t not Be keeping tortoises outside (Babies) you will and can control the humidity and temperature if you have a closed chamber chamber, non the less its very ignorant of...
  3. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Petco and their lies.

    That’s basically Most Pet Stores especially big Chains.
  4. iAmCentrochelys sulcata


    I’m Still Alive!
  5. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Need suggestions to enclosed outdoor space for tortoises

    Looks pretty good! I’m just 16 but I would use some wood in then bottom at least 3 Inches depending on how big you’re Tortoises Are.
  6. iAmCentrochelys sulcata


    What’s the temperature? You should have it no lower than 80 degrees, it might B a respiratory infection.
  7. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Tortoise eating

    Yes it is completely normal.
  8. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Healthy Tortoise Shell

    Some pictures I took tonight, the Carapace seems very smooth. Looking forward to Comments on what I should do or provide more of for my tortoise to be Healthy.
  9. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Are melon plants fine to Feed I have a BUNCH

    can the vine be fed as a its diet?
  10. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    watermelon and sulcatas

    I would say it’s safe, but don’t feed occasionally. For hydration purposes
  11. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Are melon plants fine to Feed I have a BUNCH

    I start some melon plants from seeds now they have taken over my front yard covered in them. I’m surprised that they have thrived. Grow like a weeds. I feed them but didn't actually know if it’s safe to feed, my sulcata loves it. He accidentally ate one of my baby melons as well. Also there’s a...
  12. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    What kind of plant is this and is it safe to feed?

    I saw it when I went to go get a haircut I asked if I can get some they said take as much as I would like.
  13. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Never knew a lizard could be so funny!

    That’s something similar that my tortoise does, sometimes when I don’t soak it. It will climb it’s food bowl which I spray with water and sit there until it poops. And then it gets back to eating
  14. iAmCentrochelys sulcata


    hmm... im 1,000% sure this and my tortoise is a sulcata. pretty interesting non the less
  15. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!

    And a belated thank you.
  16. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Elephant Grass & Protein?

    You shouldn’t worry,