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  1. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Are melon plants fine to Feed I have a BUNCH

    I start some melon plants from seeds now they have taken over my front yard covered in them. I’m surprised that they have thrived. Grow like a weeds. I feed them but didn't actually know if it’s safe to feed, my sulcata loves it. He accidentally ate one of my baby melons as well. Also there’s a...
  2. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    New Herman’s Tortoise enclosure

    It’s a small Enclosure, But the it looks Great!
  3. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Pyramiding Update

    I’ll start updating my tortoises Health. Looking for your opinions on my tortoise Carapace, it seems that it has started Pyramiding correct me if I’m wrong. I appreciate the Response.
  4. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    What Brand of Cypress Mulch

    Which brand of cypress much do you use? Some images would Help. Thanks.
  5. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    No substrate?

    Will not having substrate affect the feet/legs of a tortoise? In this kind of enclosure.
  6. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Found Kitten!!! Please help

    I found it close to my house, i tried looking for any Siblings but couldn’t find any. It doesn’t stop meowing until I pet it! It also follows me everywhere atm it’s crying outside my house, I gave it some water but don’t know it it can eat any solids. I hope it finds its family, or at least...
  7. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Temporary Herman’s Enclosure

    My 50 Gallon Broke! So now I have adjusted the enclosure to this it’s small but has lots of Detail. Looking to upgrade as soon as possible.
  8. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    What plant is this

  9. iAmCentrochelys sulcata


    My step father just now has been shaking, he told me that he is really cold. He covers his hole body with 2 blankets, he’s about 48 years old. I’m not sure if it’s Covid-19 or just a cold. I will keep up updated in any case if something happens I want this thread removed if it can happen, any...
  10. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Tortoises Health/Pyramiding Update

    I made this thread for me/other be updating on my tortoises Current state, including health,Pyramiding, and current physical state. Hope you join and provide any information that helps me acknowledge their health being. Pointing out if any of tortoises is displaying any Pyramiding or health...
  11. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Safe Weeds?

    I would like to ask if these following weeds are safe. Much appreciated 1 2 3 4 5
  12. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    r/AskForum-Facts & Theory’s

    Thread for facts, stories and theory’s, I’m bored impress me I’ll start. 😀 we all get along here! Cats,dogs, and other similar animals can’t see below their faces. Their snouts get in their way, when you point out a treat they’re not stupid. The treat is in their blind spot.
  13. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Safe Weeds?

    Are these Weeds for my tortoise?
  14. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Poison ivy??

    We bought 2 acres (well my parents) I recently had a rash, I’m not sure the plant that I got it from but I’ll show a picture of a plant that I think it’s poison ivy it’s EVERYWHERE
  15. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Is this safe?

    I think it’s grapevine plant, can someone tell if it’s safe and it’s it’s heathy? Thanks!
  16. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    sulcata tortoise Marveling??!!

    i’m not sure this is normal look at the bottoms scutes of the sulcata they look as if it’s marveling or is it shell rot also my Hermanns tortoise has a pink underside and a few bumps i’ll show images @Tom @Yvonne G @Markw84 @maggie18fan
  17. iAmCentrochelys sulcata

    Sulcata Tortoise - Care

    i would like to hear your opinions on how i care for my sulcata tortoise. i’ll with the food i give it, i offer Spring Mix which contains some (Maybe of the following Green leaf, Mizuna, Tango,Green oak, Green chard, baby spinach, arugula, frisse, Red chard, Red leaf, Raddicho. i also give it...