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  1. Turtulas-Len

    Lumber Cost for New Sulcata House

    So far is Zero. Here is what people have brought me so farLumber has gotten expensive so I decided to use reclaimed lumber from demo being done here in town or close by. All I have to do is remove some nails. Today I heard someone dropping lumber out front. So I walked from the back yard and...
  2. Turtulas-Len

    Soon To Be 4 Sulcatas in Virginia

    Several years ago someone stopped by here and gave me a young sulcata that they couldn't care for any longer. I gave it to a neighbor for their grandson that they are raising. With the housing market being a sellers market especially down here the owners of the house that they are renting have...
  3. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel and Abner brought me a Present

    This afternoon both pups were at the back door barking up a storm. This is what they were trying to tell me what they found.It was unharmed but scared to the dead possum mode. A neighbor contacted a possum rescue and messaged me that she was going to the store to pick up what they said this...
  4. Turtulas-Len

    Moonlight Grazing ?

    Do you think it's possible that sulcatas come out of their burrows late evening to when it gets dark using moon light to see when it's very hot in their natural habitat during the day light hours? I've posted several times over the years about Walker my adult sulcata coming out late in the...
  5. Turtulas-Len

    Early Eastern Risers

    I've seen 2 eastern box turtles already this spring. This one Saturday. She was out in the big yard and honestly I don't recognize her as one of mine. And this one today. I just happen to notice this little fellow as I was trimming a mulberry tree in the front yard. This is now a wild one that...
  6. Turtulas-Len

    Thomas is One Year Old Today

    He was hatched by @Tom. I received him in June at 3 months old. He has been growing at a nice steady rate.His diet has been mostly weeds and grasses from the yard with opuntia and mazuri added. Weighed him this morning, 2 pounds 14 oz.
  7. Turtulas-Len

    Walker has me Concerned

    He is a sulcata almost 25 years old, 160 pounds and has had a routine that he has followed for many years winter and summer. He hasn't come out of his house for 4 days something he has never before. He is alert, eyes look good and he defends his domain with vigor, which means he doesn't want me...
  8. Turtulas-Len

    Eastern Box Turtles Still Wandering

    around in mid November. We've had a mild fall season this year, in fact we haven't had temperatures below 40F yet. My eastern box turtles live wild and as natural as I can make it for them. Today I saw this guy across the yard, He is not hard to see with his bright colors. So I looked around a...
  9. Turtulas-Len

    Eastern Box Turtles Still Active

    Took some pics this morning We've had mostly normal average temps so far this fall. I've had in ground eggs hatch out in late October before. Only seen 2 hatchlings in the yard this fall so far.
  10. Turtulas-Len

    Windex Kills Ants

    One of the guys that works at our hardware store told me that Windex kills ants, so I tried it out and sure nuff it does. It only kills the ones you spray, not the ones that come along later after the windex drys.
  11. Turtulas-Len

    3 Sulcatas in Virginia

    I have 3 sulcatas that live in the Northern Neck of Virginia just across the Potomac River from Southern Maryland. The oldest is Walker, 24 years old that I raised from a hatchling. He is from a breeder in Texas. He lives outside all year and has free range daily. At his last weigh in a few...
  12. Turtulas-Len

    Meet Rachel and Abner

    My new family members.Rachel is the one wearing the red collar, She is the one I ordered several weeks ago from the breeder. I was looking to get just one, but when another was offered at no charge a couple days ago I couldn't say no. Anybody recognize the breed ? The average adult size is 18 pounds
  13. Turtulas-Len

    Found Another Wild Baby

    I was pulling weeds and grass from around the heat pump and found another baby eastern box turtle.Here are a couple more pics just to show more of the area he is staying in.I left him there and covered him up with some of the weeds I had pulled. This is the fifth one (3 in front yard and 2in...
  14. Turtulas-Len

    Donald is One Year Old

    Donald hatched during the first week of August 2019, not sure of the exact day though. So for his first Birthday I gave him a cactus feeder He loved it and ate 3 pads today along with everything else.He measures a tad under 9 inches and weighed in today at 4 pounds 7.7oz
  15. Turtulas-Len

    Walkers Yard From the Outside

    I took some pictures from outside of Walkers yard today. This is what people see that drive or walk around my house. There two spots that people that know he is in there can see him if he's out. Some people have been coming by for the 14 years he has been out there to visit him. Here he is from...
  16. Turtulas-Len

    Cicada Killer

    I see these all the time here but never seen one attack a cicada before. Not great pics but here are some. The first is the cicada after the wasp stunned it it came back to get itI expected it to take it and fly to it's hole in the ground but instead it carried it about 30 feet around in...
  17. Turtulas-Len

    A little Non Tortoise Plant Help Wanted.

    Someone left these plants out front sometime today and I'm not sure what they are and do they like full or partial sun, shade, filtered light or what. I know the pictures aren't the best but we getting some much needed rain.
  18. Turtulas-Len

    Not Sure What This Is

    But I think it's neat looking
  19. Turtulas-Len

    Some Spine-Less Cactus

    that can be grown in colder wet areas. I'm growing these opuntia in Virginia near the Potomac River a little southeast of Washington DC. I can't name them but they all have been growing here for several years thru some very harsh and cold wet winters.12345678 . Number 1 is my favorite. I have...
  20. Turtulas-Len

    Do Female Desert Tortoises put off a Scent

    or have an odor that males can pick up from a distance when ready for breeding ?