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  1. AwwShucks

    Tortoise skin tag/dry skin

    So Munch has a piece of skin in his neck/shoulder area that is like a little rectangular bit that kinda hangs off, but isn't fully off. Is this something to worry about? I've noticed he has had increasing amounts of peeling/shedding little bits like this.
  2. AwwShucks

    Bloodwork caused my tortoise's neck to!

    So on Wednesday, I took my tortoise into the vet for a beak trim. He's a ~7 year old Hermann's tortoise. The vet was an exotics vet, and after trimming called me to ask if she could do some bloodwork. She said that this was all part of his check-up and that his skin seemed a little thick...
  3. AwwShucks

    Outdoor Enclosure Design Help

    Hello! I'm new and have some questions! So it is finally time to build my tortoise the home of his dreams! No longer shall he spend his days outside closely monitored by me or in a kiddie pool of substrate. He shall be free! Sort of... Anyways, I live in Los Angeles, and I have finally got the...