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    Update on Peggy :)

    After taking Peggy to the vets today they have said that she could possibly have an infection. But there’s still hope! She is being given antibiotics and we’re giving her special food. Things are definitely looking up and I just want to say thank you everyone for all your advice.
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    I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself yet! I am happy to have found this forum. Me and my mum have been incubating eggs for 3 years now. Our first year we got only one little guy but this year we’re expecting 11 and 6 have already hatched! They are all so adorable and we will do our best for...
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    Baby tortoise we’re not sure what’s wrong PLEASE HELP

    Hiya my Herman hatchling has just been born. It was really struggling to get out of its shell so we had to help it out a little. When his shell opened we saw that 2 of his legs looked almost tapped within the shell. Then we turned him over to find that his bottom shell is very rounded and he is...