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  1. Jodie

    Selling hatchlings is so frustrating. Just a short rant.

    I am not a really patient person in the first place, and I find trying to sell my hatchlings to be a very frustrating experience. Why can people not answer simple questions, or follow a simple email conversation? I do not just sell a tortoise to anyone who sends me money. I spend time talking to...
  2. Jodie

    Leopard tortoise barn

    Got my females out of my basement this year with a tuff shed/tortoise barn build. We fully insulated it, and wired it for electricity. It is 10 X12 with 3 tortoise doors. I am using an oil filled radiant heater for ambient temp. They have multiple Kane mats, and a radiant heat panel under the...
  3. Jodie

    Russian tortoise hatchlings

    I have 7 hatchlings left from this summers eggs. Asking $90.00 plus $65.00 shipping unless you are near Spokane Valley WA, and can pick up. I can't post pictures in this section for whatever reason, but am happy to provide. Please email me at [email protected] for more information. No...
  4. Jodie

    Leopard Barn build

    So I have been using a bedroom that I turned into an enclosure for my adult leopards for a couple of years now. It worked great, but I want them out of my house. I put up a Tuff Shed, and am converting it to a leopard barn. We are fully insulating it of course since I live in Spokane Valley WA...
  5. Jodie

    Bummed and confused

    Found one of my female Russians dead this evening. She hibernated for 15 weeks. Lost very little weight. Has been up for 3 weeks. No visible illness or injury. She has been active since getting up, and has been gaining weight. She had white discharge around her mouth. Not a lot, just a little...
  6. Jodie

    Captive bred Russians, yearlings & juveniles

    I have 4 yearlings, and 2 juveniles, 2 years old for sale. They are well started, and growing great. $150.00 each plus shipping if needed. They are unsexed. Please email me at [email protected], if you are interested for more info and pictures.
  7. Jodie

    Hello again

    I have been mostly absent for a couple of years. My name is Jodie, and I raise and breed tortoises in Spokane Valley WA. I have one male sulcata, over 20 years old, and about 100 pounds. I have a 3-7-1 group of Russians, plus 6 (yearlings, and 2 that are 2 years) that I am trying to sell. I have...
  8. Jodie

    Andy, What are you doing?

    One of my females, Andy, is about 5 years old, and has never been bred. She just dropped 18+ eggs. I do not know if she is done. She did not dig a hole despite having a nest area 4 feet by 8 feet, that is 2 feet deep. My other females have all found it satisfactory in the past. My group is still...
  9. Jodie

    Leopard Yearlings for sale

    I have 2 well started, captive bred yearlings for sale. They are $300 each, shipped. Please send me an email at [email protected] with your experience, and info on an outdoor and indoor enclosure you will be providing, both for a small tortoise now, and a 20 plus pound tortoise in a few...
  10. Jodie

    Russian yearlings for sale

    I have 4 well started, captive bred yearlings for sale. They are $195 each, shipped. Please send me an email at [email protected] with your experience, and info on an outdoor and indoor enclosure you will be providing, if interested. No resellers please. I am happy to provide pictures and...
  11. Jodie

    My beautiful Andy scared me today. Poor baby has an owie.

    When I first saw Andy's shell I thought I have a really bad problem. I assumed the blood was from being rammed. I have 4 females housed together. Upon closer inspection of the wound, the other girls, and then the enclosure, I believe she is rubbing along the corner of the heater box in her night...
  12. Jodie

    New weeds in Pacific Northwest, help

    I have large amounts of these 2 weeds. Never had them before. Anyone know what they are? This one is in my grass. Taking over. And this one, pretty sure is different, is in a shady area, and going crazy as well.
  13. Jodie

    Brumating Russian temp consequences/advice needed

    I brumate my group of Russians in an old night box I had for them. It is fully insulated and in a corner of my yard that gets no sun. I maintain a min temp with an oil filled radiant heater on a thermostat. I can hear the box, I cannot cool it. Our winter has been very unusual. Normally Dec...
  14. Jodie

    Sully is thankful for shoveled enclosure

    Temps are finally above freezing for a minute, and Sully is taking advantage of the grazing opportunity. He will only be or for 20 minutes or so at a time.
  15. Jodie

    Is Brooke a boy?

    This is Brooke. Brooke is a runt. He(?) is 3 years old, just over 5 pounds, and right at 9 inches. His sisters, clutch mates, are 10 to 20 pounds and 12 to 15 inches. He has never flashed me, and I am beginning to doubt. Opinions?
  16. Jodie

    Winter feeding way up north.

    Winter is a challenge. I live in Spokane Valley WA. Literally nothing grows November through at least February. I extend grow times as much as possible with greenhouses, but am still left with an expensive few months. I have an adult Sulcata, 65 pounds, 5 adult leopards, 8 to 25 pounds, a...
  17. Jodie

    Russian babies are the cutest!

    Always up to something cute.
  18. Jodie

    Leopard and Russian hatchlings
  19. Jodie

    What kind of spider is this?

    Anyone able to positively id this?