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  1. Srmcclure

    Plant ID please

    I'm not quite sure what this is...
  2. Srmcclure

    So not cool!
  3. Srmcclure


    I ha e plantain growing in my grow tent! Booya!! I have broadleaf and Lance leaf plantain! @Blackdog1714 @KarenSoCal P.s. I tried to crop the other plants as best I could lol
  4. Srmcclure

    Found this little plant

    Does anyone happen to know what this plant is? I haven't seen it before and it just popped up in my nanas yard 🙂 I didn't feed it, I just used the bowl to get a better pic lol Thanks for any help!
  5. Srmcclure

    Nanas art project

    So, my nana had this little cement tortoise that she had wanted to be painted for years. She had mentioned when I got Ghido that she would love for it to look like him, so for Christmas I decided I'd make that happen for her. Heres what I came up with... And the inspiration himself... Think...
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    Hi everyone!! So we are experiencing an ice storm here and my power is out. I have the hot hands and smaller enclosures, etc to keep them warm for now, but does anyone know of any good generators that you plug in to charge and then use? I'm in an apartment so unfortunately I'm a bit limited 😔...
  7. Srmcclure

    Any idea what this is on my redfoots shell?

    After the soak this morning I found this on chi chi. Im not really sure what it is... it's that little pokie dot. Thanks for any advise! @Toddrickfl1 @ZEROPILOT
  8. Srmcclure

    What plants should i bring inside?

    Ok, so I have a few cactus pads growing in 2 pots, a fairly large aloe plant, my hibiscus in pots that are starting from clipping that have new leaf growth on them, pothos and mulberry clippings. Im not sure what I need to bring in and what I can leave outside during the winter months. Also...
  9. Srmcclure

    My tortoise box

    I put my decals on my tortoise food supply box 😁 And here is all my extras lol The black pouch is the mazuri and the black bottle is my MinerAll 😁
  10. Srmcclure

    Slate or terra cotta?

    ok, so i was wondering, right now I feed my babies on a terra cotta saucer for food, but I've noticed some of you feel on a slate slab. I love how it looks and now I was wondering what you guys thought worked better? How do you do mazuri or any 'wet' foods? Thanks all!
  11. Srmcclure

    growing weeds for winter

    hello everyone! So I am going to attempt to grow some weeds for my babies during the winter. I say attempt because I have tried to grow dandelion in the past and it did not work out at all. I have a seed tray that I'm wanting to try out. Does anyone have any pointers for me to do this inside...
  12. Srmcclure

    Cutest little surprise

    My husband and i were walking to the mail room and saw this cute little dude 😍
  13. Srmcclure

    My cactus got its first growth!!!

    I'm so excited!! I kill every plant I touch except for my mother in laws tongue and now I grew a cactus!!! Well, helped lol. I went to check on it today and there was a teenie growth! Yay!!
  14. Srmcclure

    Can anyone identify these trees? Pretty please 😁

    Each is a different tree, but im not good at plants... thank you guys!!
  15. Srmcclure

    I am about to loose my mind!

    I have now received 6 4ft arcadia lights and all of them have either come shattered or this last one just straight up didnt work. I can hear something floating around in there. I am about to go crazy!!!! I just want a light to come that works! 😡😤😭🤬
  16. Srmcclure

    random question lol

    hi everyone! So i got to thinking the other day, I'm a dog groomer so I constantly come home smelling like dogs lol. Do you think my tortoise notice the difference? I know they have a decent sense of smell, but wasn't sure if they could tell a 'predator' was on me lol They act normal, was...
  17. Srmcclure

    Should i pluck these?

    Is this ok for my torts to nibble on or should I pluck them? Thanks everyone!
  18. Srmcclure

    Tortoise foraging

    hello! I wanted to try and hide various food items for my tortoise in his enclosure to stimulate his foraging instincts, but wasn't sure if there was a best way to do this. So far he can be a bit lazy when it comes to food so i was wondering would it be best to not put any food in the dish and...
  19. Srmcclure

    Tortoise scratch post?

    Hello! So Ghido is stomping around everywhere today and rubbing his butt all over every plant he comes by 🤣 so what im wondering is what you guys use in the enclosure that allows him to have a nice satisfying butt scratch. It doesnt seems he's too happy with his plant options 😂 On a cute note...
  20. Srmcclure

    Pvc cage?

    hi guys! So my super sweet husband just surprised me with an animal plastics T70 enclosure that will ordered and I was wondering how you all ran your cords out of the enclosure? Obviously it'll be a while before it gets here, but I dont wanna mess it up... pics and suggestions would be...