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  1. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    My tortoises adult are done eating for the year, but our mullberry tree is packed with leaves still. If anyone can use some, I'd be happy to ship them to you. No charge for the leaves, you just pay postage for whatever flatrate box size you choose! I can throw in some giant broadleaf plantain...
  2. biochemnerd808

    2 CB baby Russian tortoises for sale

    For sale are these two CB RTs. Hatched Thanksgiving week, well started in a humid environment, fed weeds their whole life (thanks to a very mild summer). Good UVB, including natural sun when possible. Soaked daily. Normally i have a wait list, so get them while you can... $175 each, plus...
  3. biochemnerd808

    Nom nom video

    Me: "OK tortoises, time to wind down for brumation!" Marilyn: "Nom nom nom..."
  4. biochemnerd808

    New 2018 Tortoise in a Sweater calendar!!!

    My newest Tortoise in a Sweater calendar is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Calendar Club,, and many other places in the USA, UK, and Canada. :) Here is a video of me unveiling the calendar: HERE is the Amazon link, but as mentioned above, you can order it...
  5. biochemnerd808

    2 CB female RT juveniles

    For sale are 2 beautiful, healthy CB (hatched by me) RT females. The darker one is 4.25" SCL and weighs 300g. The lighter one is 4.5" SCL and weighs 390g. Both have been raised on a healthy weeds amd flowers diet, with proper supplements, and daily soaking. They spend the entire warm...
  6. biochemnerd808

    Gorgeous male babcocki leopard, 9.5 SCL

    We would like to find an amazing new family for our male leopard tortoise. He is used to spending the warm season outside, grazing his landscaped tortoise enclosure. He gets restless during the cold season, indoors in a pen... so I am hoping that someone in a warmer climate than the PNW is...
  7. biochemnerd808

    PAnke male on Seattle Craigslist

    Not mine, just reposting. Male pancake tortoise in Seattle for $90 - what a deal!
  8. biochemnerd808

    Tortoise cozy calendar!!!

    I have something exciting to share with you. As some of you know, I'm the original inventor and designer of the Tortoise Cozy. I no longer make them, but 1.5 years ago I signed a publishing contract for a 2017 tortoise cozy calendar! This bright and cheery calendar will be available in Barnes...
  9. biochemnerd808

    A cheap, easy way to protect plants in an outdoor enclosure

    Tortoises are little bulldozers. They will flatten plants by walking across and over them (again and again), or will eat them down to the root, permanently destroying them. In an outdoor tortoise enclosure, it can be really frustrating when your hard work (and money) gets eaten or trampled...
  10. biochemnerd808

    Jill has reached 800g

    Remember little Jill? She was just under 400g when I got her, 4.5 years ago. She just passed 800g. Jill has the best tortoise personality. When I'm gardening the tortoise area, she follows me all around, and climbs onto my foot. I always make sure to have a few succulent leaves ready for her...
  11. biochemnerd808

    Tiny giant...

    Life has been too busy to post much, but I thought you would enjoy seeing this. Here is one of my "giant" baby RTs, hatched at 24g in September. At just over 6 months, she weighs 164g, and is rock solid. Her Momma is exceptionally big at 9" and 1800g, and this was the pretiest baby from 1 of 3...
  12. biochemnerd808

    Our girl... might be a boy?

    The most recent growth spurt our Penelope has experienced has me wondering whether SHE might actually be a HE. I'm very familiar with sexing RTs, but leopard torts not so much. Help please? S/he is 1653g as if today, and 8.5" SCL. Would love your input... @Tom? Here is a top view - the...
  13. biochemnerd808

    2015 CB Russian tortoise baby

    All my females are up and about, which means the 2016 egg laying season will begin in a few weeks. I have one last 2015 baby left. She hatched on Christmas day. Her parents are Marilyn (a very domed, very yellow female), and my male Roz. I say "she" because she was incubated at 89-90 degrees...
  14. biochemnerd808

    My visit with the Ethiopian Leopard tortoises in Addis Ababa

    While traveling to Ethiopia last week too adopt our daughter, we took a little detour to the "Lucy Cafe" in Addis Ababa to have lunch, and to visit the beautiful Ethiopian leopard tortoises that live in the field behind the restaurant. The Amharic word for tortoise is, by the way, pronounced...
  15. biochemnerd808

    Ethiopian Leopard torts... pics to come soon!

    I'm so excited! In just over 3 weeks, my husband and I get to go to Ethiopia. The main purpose of the trip is completely unrelated to tortoises... but I HAVE arranged to get to visit a pair of Ethiopian leopard torts while we are there. I will be sure to take lots of pics, which I will then post...
  16. biochemnerd808

    Just showin' off...

    ...a few of this year's RT hatches
  17. biochemnerd808

    3 adorable CB Russian tortoises left!

    These 3 little cuties, hatched at the end of May and the beginning of June, are the last ones I still have available from the Spring hatches. They are ready to go to their new homes now. These babies are thriving, have more than doubled their hatch weight, are smooth, active, and spunky. I...
  18. biochemnerd808

    The importance of DEEP shade

    Ok, folks, we need to talk about SHADE. You have probably (hopefully) heard tortoise keepers talking about the fact that tortoises need "DEEP SHADE" to retreat into on a hot Summer day (really any day that has air temps above 80 degrees). What do we mean by "deep shade?" - this is NOT...
  19. biochemnerd808

    Baby Russian tortoise eating a leaf while sitting in my hand

    ...for the sake of pure cuteness... I happened to have my phone handy. This little one is 2 days old.
  20. biochemnerd808

    CB baby Russian tortoises

    The Spring hatch season has begun, and I would like to have homes lined up for my babies as soon as they are ready to ship. I wait until they are at least a month old, to be sure they are all healthy and thriving. They will be ready to ship mid June, some in early July. Price: $175 plus...