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  1. matt41gb

    What profession or job do you work at?

    I'm a contraband dog handler. -Matt
  2. matt41gb

    Do you see possible marbeling?

    I don't see it the marbling. I've never seen any marbling on one that isn't a cherry-head before. Where are you guys seeing it? -Matt
  3. matt41gb

    Anyone has pics of a "yellow" redfoot?

    Here is one of mine as Geochelone_Carbonaria mentioned. She's an older girl, in her late 30s. She has no red on her at all. This female has a little bit of orange on her legs, but no red at all on her face. -Matt
  4. matt41gb

    Yellow Foot age and sex help

    Yellow-foots are very sensitive tortoises. They are generally shy in nature and tend to stress easily. Wild caught individuals seem to be extra sensitive and I always advise against purchasing one from the wild since they die easily. Yes, like bobbymoore said, they can lay infertile eggs. -Matt
  5. matt41gb

    Yellow Foot age and sex help

    Looks like a female. I have one that is roughly that size and bought her as a hatchling. She is about 8 years old. -Matt
  6. matt41gb

    Eros and Gaia... a Valentines Present

    Yeah! It was really nice meeting you today as well. I'm glad you like that little leopard, he sure is pretty! -Matt
  7. matt41gb

    New Redfoot

    I'm glad you like him! He was the first that I've ever had with split scutes, they're kind of interesting. I have about 4 or 5 more that I'm waiting on to hatch, shouldn't be too much longer. It was nice talking with you the other day, don't be a stranger! -Matt[hr] He was born roughly two...
  8. matt41gb

    Any Guesses

    All three females. We're not looking for tail size, more than we're looking at how close the cloaca is the the tip of the tail. -Matt
  9. matt41gb

    Strange eggs-has anyone seen anything like this?

    I had some like that laid earlier this year. None of them were fertile. -Matt
  10. matt41gb

    Washing Eggs?

    I wash all of mine under the faucet. I mark them with a pencil and put them in the incubator. I've never had any problems with it. -Matt
  11. matt41gb

    Hatchling red-foot

    Awesome! Thanks man! I'll definitely let you know. My wife and I will be at Lake Fork this weekend, but maybe during next week we can do something. -Matt
  12. matt41gb

    Hatchling red-foot

    Marcus, you need to come see him sometime. -Matt
  13. matt41gb

    Hatchling red-foot

    This guy decided to surprise me and hatch a little early. Seeing the world for the first time! His sibling hatched last week. -Matt
  14. matt41gb

    My largest RF female lay the smallest egg I've ever seen (only 1 gram) !

    It's going to be infertile unfortunately. -Matt
  15. matt41gb

    My largest RF female lay the smallest egg I've ever seen (only 1 gram) !

    That happened to me a couple of years ago, I kept it for a while for fun. :) -Matt
  16. matt41gb

    iPhone user, can't figure out how to post with the app.

    You know, I always turn to Youtube for this kind of stuff, but I honestly didn't think I would get help for this. Good idea, I'll try it. -Matt
  17. matt41gb

    Quick fix for nesting female.

    I like it because it doesn't clump up on the eggs. I've noticed that I got a lot of mold while using the other vermiculite. -Matt
  18. matt41gb

    iPhone user, can't figure out how to post with the app.

    I just switched from Android to iPhone recently. I downloaded the app, which I think is awesome, but I can't figure out how to post a new thread. Can you also load pictures from your gallery? I'm basically transferring my phone photos to my photobucket account, then copying and pasting them...
  19. matt41gb

    Quick fix for nesting female.

    This girl is like clockwork. Seems that she lays a clutch every month from July to January. It was a bit cool when I found her digging this nest, so I hung a heat lamp over her while she finished up. Seemed to work, she laid 5 nice eggs! Jeff, this is the fine grain vermiculite I was...
  20. matt41gb

    outside temperature

    I will bring my red-foots in if it gets below 55, but only if it's below 55 for several nights in a row. Here in Texas, the temps fluctuate so much. They are incredibly cold tolerant, but I still don't like to chance it too much. I think of them like they are batteries. If they're warm during...