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  1. matt41gb

    Hatchling red-foot

    This guy decided to surprise me and hatch a little early. Seeing the world for the first time! His sibling hatched last week. -Matt
  2. matt41gb

    iPhone user, can't figure out how to post with the app.

    I just switched from Android to iPhone recently. I downloaded the app, which I think is awesome, but I can't figure out how to post a new thread. Can you also load pictures from your gallery? I'm basically transferring my phone photos to my photobucket account, then copying and pasting them...
  3. matt41gb

    Quick fix for nesting female.

    This girl is like clockwork. Seems that she lays a clutch every month from July to January. It was a bit cool when I found her digging this nest, so I hung a heat lamp over her while she finished up. Seemed to work, she laid 5 nice eggs! Jeff, this is the fine grain vermiculite I was...
  4. matt41gb

    I'm getting pretty good at finding red-foot nests.

    I have an idea who laid these, but I didn't actually witness it. One of my females had been pacing recently, so I've been looking for nesting activity. I've found so many nests, that I'm getting pretty good at knowing there are eggs under there by the markings in the ground. I've had about 40...
  5. matt41gb

    Thought this would be fun!

    From left to right: T. Carolina triunguis, T. Carolina triunguis (possibly mixed with T. Carolina Carolina,) T. Carolina Carolina, T. ornata, T. luteola. -Matt
  6. matt41gb

    Rain Finally!

    I believe this is the first time since May that it has rained here. We've had 71 days of 100+ temps with just a day of sprinkles here and there. We finally had a real rain last night! The tortoises and box turtles couldn't be happier! -Matt
  7. matt41gb

    16 hatchlings so far, three more to go!

    So far I've had 16 three-toed box turtles hatch this year, three of them have been sold and another three are about to hatch any day now. There are 13 in these pictures. My boxies definitely had a productive year! -Matt
  8. matt41gb

    Second nest of the year.

    I bought this good looking girl back in January with the hopes that she would lay for me in the next few years. I was surprised to find her nesting this evening, just seven months after receiving her. Violet. She produced six perfect eggs. I put her eggs in the...
  9. matt41gb

    Tortoise ID

    Hey guys, a friend of mine is babysitting a tortoise. The family said they've had it for 15 years and don't know what it is. It's about 8" scl. I'm thinking it's a Texas Tortoise. -Matt
  10. matt41gb

    Just some enclosure pictures

    Just thought I would post some updated pictures of the enclosure. Can you find the red-foot? Security. -Matt
  11. matt41gb

    This is what you get......

    When you live in Texas. :)
  12. matt41gb

    You shall build a turtle fence!

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, so if not, here ya' go. -Matt
  13. matt41gb

    For Paul

    This is the exclamation point marking that is typical of Northern red-foots. I told you on the phone that I would get you a picture and I've just been too lazy to take one, ha! Here ya' go. This is one of my N. males. -Matt
  14. matt41gb

    Very productive year!

    I've lost count of all of the box turtles that I've accumulated over the years. The pen is so big, it's easy to not see one for a while. It seems that almost every night the past few weeks I'm finding another box turtle nesting. I'm up to over 30 eggs now! I have several ornates that were...
  15. matt41gb


    Great idea!!!! I had to be annoying and post this. -Matt
  16. matt41gb

    Special needs group visit!

    My special needs friends came to visit me and the tortoises today! I worked with all of them at a day camp for special needs for many years. I have also coached most of them in various sports for Special Olympics of Texas. They are all like family to me. The group planned a field trip to my...
  17. matt41gb

    I really hope these two make some babies!

    This big guy took a while to acclimate and to notice the ladies. I really hope that these two produce some offspring this year. She's a beauty! -Matt
  18. matt41gb

    Sprayin' em' down!

    When it's 100+ outside everyday, you have to cool em' off. Matt
  19. matt41gb

    The Plants are loving all the rain. (red-foot enclosure)

    Everything is so green from all the rain! The plants are going crazy, and the rain makes the red-foots a bit randy. -Matt
  20. matt41gb

    Best month for egg laying.

    Hey guys, I've read that the fall is the best time of year for a red-foot to lay eggs. I've had success in the fall and winter, but never in the warmer months. It's been in the high 80s and low 90s for a while now. We're having tons of rain, and my red-foots are mating like crazy. I'm yet to see...