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  1. Millerlite

    Looking for box turtles

    Looking for box turtles. American box turtles even asian species. Females three toed and any sex for any other type of box turtle Kyle
  2. Millerlite

    Cherry head or just a red head?

    Hello everyone, I am no red foot expert and have really am bad at identifying locales. I have a red foot tortoise I got maybe a year ago, he is roughly 11 inches, and has a red head. The shell is not perfect and a little deformed but overall he is in grea4 health, heavy and active. My question...
  3. Millerlite

    Trio of red footed tortoises

    Hello all. I don't really know the market on red foot tortoises now a days. I was thinking of getting a trio and was wondering whats a reasonable price on them? The tortoises are all adults the smallest 10 inches the bigger two are 12 inches. What should I offer? or what price is reasonable for...
  4. Millerlite

    Sexing Manouria emy emy

    I looked through old post most the photo are dead linked and I googled and got a handfull of results. Can anyone who has Mountain tortoise post photos of their tail male and female. I know they are tough to sex and I am having trouble. I know for sure I have one male cuz of the flash so been...
  5. Millerlite

    Few of my red foot tortoises

    Through the years I've rescued 3 red foot tortoises. I never really planned to get any RF but these just so happen to come my way and they are now one of my favorite species. Here are a few quick snaps. Kyle (TS)
  6. Millerlite

    Just a few quick ones of the box turtles

    Box turtles are always at the top of the list as favorites. My first turtle was a box turtle and I always enjoy keeping them. Kyle (TS)
  7. Millerlite

    Male Greek tortoise: Trade

    I have an extra male greek tortoise that is getting to that age where he is ready for some females. He is a great little tortoise and heavy as a brick. I just don't have room for a spare male. I am in no rush to move him as he has his own pen right now, but I know eventually he will have to move...
  8. Millerlite

    Tortoise Spot

    Hello all, Most know I have had my website for some time. This pa st week I ended up switching things over since the last host kind of made things difficult. I redid it and got everything moved over and up. It has pictures of my tortoises and past enclosures. Also links to others sites and...
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    I don't post to many pictures on here but my instagram has a bunch. Follow @tortoise_spot If anyone else is on there would love to follow other members and there animals Kyle
  10. Millerlite

    sulcata needs home. southern CA

    One of my friends text me today asking if I can take a tortoise in. I don't have room for a sulcata but they do need to find a good home. In posting this for them. I don't know much about it. I know its a sulcata and they sent me a few pictures. I can get more info on trying too. If anyone is...
  11. Millerlite

    what type of tortoise?

    Yesterday my friend text me about a tortoise he found in his front yard. I thought maybe a sulcata hatching. I went to his house to look at the tortoise. It very small must of hatched only a few weeks ago. Its active and alert. It doesn't seem to.have any spurs at all. Is it a sulcata ? Or is it...
  12. Millerlite

    greek male and giant mexican musk turtle

    I have a greek male and a male mexican musk turtle for sale. The greek is about 4-5 inches. He's been living outside and growing. 100 obo Also have a 5 inch maybe a little bigger male mexican musk turtle. These guys are very fun to keep. He's very docile and not aggressive at all. Acts like a...
  13. Millerlite

    Few of my guys.

    Here are a few of my Mountain tortoises. They been growing and growing. Kyle
  14. Millerlite

    Leopard Tortoise

    I rescued this guy a few years ago. Hes been growing. He just loves to bask, nap, and eat. Lives the life. haha He has a little pyramiding from the previous owner. Nothing to bad. Seems to be smoothing out a tad...
  15. Millerlite

    sexing help

    I have a few box turtles and was wondering what you think the sexs are of these two. I think female. But I am not 100 percent sure. First Second Kyle
  16. Millerlite

    box turtles

    Looking for adult box turtles. Female ornates , female 3 toeds, male or female eastern. Also interested in other types of box turtles. Possible trade or looking to buy or adopt Kyle
  17. Millerlite

    few of my little guy...

    I rescues this guy a few years ago. He's a giant mexican musk turtle and He's about 12 inches now and still growing he lives in my outdoor pond . jaws is his name. He's awkward out of water lol Kyle
  18. Millerlite

    Ornate box turtles

    looking for ornate box turtles. I have a outdoor enclosure and looking for adults Kyle
  19. Millerlite

    southern california: trade

    Hello. I have a few guys I been thinking of letting go. I am interested in possible trades. I do not wanna ship. I have a malenleopard tortoise I need to 3rd measure him but i wanna say 9-10 inches. He's very active hangs out outdoor in his enclosure grazing. Also have 2 red foot tortoises. Both...
  20. Millerlite


    Hello everyone, Due to school I am going to thin out my collection of tortoises. I have a trio of russian tortoises. 1 male and 2 females. Great breeding group addition or a good start to a a group. They are all adults, the bigger female is 8 inches maybe bigger, one of the biggest Ive seen...