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    Light out

    I found the light on a timer not working so on investigation it looks like my arcadia ProT5 39W is no longer working. I have changed the bulb with a new spare D3 and checked power cable and changed the plug fuse! Still no light so .......any ideas on what else to check please? The reptile...
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    I am thinking of hybernating my russian tortoise yearling this year. I have read about it and think I have a plan but I am interested if any experts can provide hybernation advice and guidelines from start to finish inc any things to watch out for.
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    Red blemish / spot on lower jaw of a Russian Tortoise

    I noticed this red mark about 3 weeks ago and have been keeping an eye on it as I thought it may have been a scratch and go away. It is on the lower right jaw, I have attached some pictures as is and enlarged. Speedy is a under 1 year Russian and is active, eats, drinks and sleeps and is...