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  1. richalisoviejo

    Some people

    Being in the legal profession some of the potential clients can really tick me off. This week I have an appointment with a potential client, he’s been divorced for two years and now wants to terminate his parental rights from his two children, he thought by doing that he can get out of...
  2. richalisoviejo

    Ex-Manson follower Susan Atkins dies

    Originally she had been given the death penalty, but that was commuted to life in prison after the California Supreme Court's People v. Anderson decision. I can’t believe she had the nerve to ask to be released. She showed no remorse for her butchered victims. What goes around comes around.
  3. richalisoviejo

    Finally some good news

    The bank accepted my offer on the house in Palm Springs! We go into escrow on Monday. I told my agent I want a two-week escrow so the next couple of weeks will be busy. I will have to find a moving company, schedule them to come out, pack me up and get the heck out of Aliso Viejo. I bought this...
  4. richalisoviejo

    If you could invent a holiday

    What and when would it be? What special traditions would take place on that day? A friend of mine invented "the feast of the giant chicken day", we celebrated it often in the days of our wayward youth, it was our way of feeling better about ourselves for skipping class. :shy::P
  5. richalisoviejo

    Relationships, Emotions, Lack of Control

    There seems to be a common thread in relationship problems: EMOTIONS that overwhelm all ability to think reasonably and rationally. People can't seem to control their emotions: LOVE, HATE, ANGER. Here's a guy who couldn't get control of his emotions. He LOVED his ex-girlfriend. He was angry...
  6. richalisoviejo

    Happy Birthday Noodlehead

    Noodlehead has always been his nickname I gave him lol. Last night was his 44th birthday. He always gets depressed on his birthday, don’t understand why, he still gets carded when buying a cocktail. I took him out for a drink then back to my place. Little did he know I had a surprise...
  7. richalisoviejo

    All women must wear make-up

    9th Circuit Court Ruled. Miss “blank” worked as a bartender for a large hotel chain in Ca., for nearly ten years and received exemplary performance evaluations. The hotel chain encouraged female beverage servers to wear makeup, but it was not required. Miss...
  8. richalisoviejo

    What an ordeal

    My cat Lincoln doesn’t have to go to the vet very often being an indoor cat. Today after work I took him in for a check up and shots. Now the vet is 5 minutes away! Just down the hill. I put Lincoln in the cat carrier, he hissed, growled, foamed at the mouth then barfed in the cat carrier...
  9. richalisoviejo


    Well I took off to Florida for two weeks, bought one home from a flipper. This company came in to Saint Petersburg and bought up all the bank owned properties then flip them for about ten thousand more then they paid. It’s a nice two bedrooms & den on an 11,000 Sq. ft, Lot. I had it...
  10. richalisoviejo

    Short sales and foreclosures

    Yesterday and today I spent with my real estate agent looking for an investment property. Every home we found was either a short sale or foreclosure. Short sales can take up to six months. The bank has to approve the offer. The foreclosures the titles on most were tagged with judgments, liens...
  11. richalisoviejo

    Dave Letterman’s tasteless joke

    Completely inappropriate and disappointing. Pick on Mrs. Palin all he wants heaven knows she gives the comedians enough fodder for jokes. However, the children (I don't care which children they are) are off limits. There are lines one must not cross. I dislike Sarah Palin intensely for her...
  12. richalisoviejo

    Wild caught Sulcata's?

    Saw this add on Craigs List. I'd take them all if they were still available when I relocate. Not to breed them but to give them a home.
  13. richalisoviejo

    Another boring legal case LOL

    40 years suspended license or 5 years in prison? Which sentence is more harsh? (Leaving the name out) walked into the District Court with a Supreme Court ruling that said her 40-year loss of driving privileges from a negligent homicide conviction was too onerous. She walked out in handcuffs...
  14. richalisoviejo

    How did you know your pet was the one?

    People are always asking me this question about me mostly since I got the Sulcata’s and I began thinking about how I 'knew' the other loved ones in my life were the ones for me. This for me includes my animals. Most of the pets I have had the pleasure of of having found me of their own...
  15. richalisoviejo

    Some Health Insurance Companies are dingbats

    Yesterday I received a $20.00 refund check from Anthem Blue Cross. Here is what the letter said: Dear Mr. Runyan: This letter is written in reference to the refund check. Your payment was sent to Anthem Blue Cross in error. Please resubmit your payment to the provider of service...
  16. richalisoviejo

    First wedding anniversary

    Is coming up next month for my younger brother Ryan and his partner Toby. They were part of the 18,000 that are still legally married and I was proud to stand up and be his best man. What do you give as a gift for a first wedding anniversary? My brother is the one on the right. Taller one...
  17. richalisoviejo

    Salad Spinners

    Maggie gave me some good tips on how to keep my torts greens fresh and last longer. Today I soaked the greens for 30 minutes, patted them dry and put them in a zip lock bag. I also bought a salad spinner to get most of the water off before I wrapped them in the paper towels put them in a zip...
  18. richalisoviejo

    Nice Date with a bad ending

    Last night I had a great time with Whitney. We had a nice dinner in Laguna Beach, walked around the downtown area. After I dropped Whitney off three blocks down the street a cat darts in front of my car. It happened so fast I didn’t even know what I hit until I pulled over. The cat sat up...
  19. richalisoviejo

    What do you see?

    When you look at the world? I see, just behind a slightly luminous curtain, a brutal, dangerous, treacherous place where one slip will, in the blink of an eye, cause you to lose your footing and slide from any heights you've achieved to the bottom of the abyss. A place where one must constantly...
  20. richalisoviejo

    Philosophy question

    Oh boy what a surprise :P What has been the most profound realisation you have ever had about life in general? Feel free to post whatever you like/as much as you like if you feel it is related to the theme. IMO there are three truths in life that I had to learn before I became a grownup...