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    Group Growth Over Time

    I only have a few months of data on mine - but here is my growth chart so far. I was concerned because the two larger ones (about 1 year old) have slowed growth this month - one actually looks to have lost about 0.5g. No changes in environmental parameters and no changes in eating/pooping or...
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    Looking for Egyptian hatchlings

    Hi all- I'm looking for a couple of hatchlings to add to my enclosure that's currently housing 2 Egyptians that are a little over 3 months old. Prefer hatchlings incubated at higher temp. Thanks all and Happy Holidays! - Johnathan
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    Egyptian Hatchlings from Dovelett15/Martha

    I had a great experience purchasing two Egyptian hatchlings from Martha. I had never owned tortoises and she was always quick to reply to emails when I had questions about my enclosure setup in the month or so before the sale, and has since made herself readily available to answer any questions...
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    UVB Lighting Question for Egyptians

    You are right. The basking bulbs are UV halide, marketed as 3% UVB/97% UVA. The 50w ones I currently have create too hot of a surface temperature and I don't have any room to move them higher as they're mounted inside the terrarium. So I've ordered 25w which come tomorrow so hopefully the...
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    UVB Lighting Question for Egyptians

    Hi all - I'm setting up a terrarium for Egyptian tortoises, and was wondering if my lighting set-up is adequate. My terrarium is 48"Lx24"Dx16"H with an interior 36" lighting ballast w/ aluminum reflector housing an Arcadia 34" 6% UVB T5 HO bulb, which sits about 12" from substrate. This...
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    New Egyptian Setup

    Hi all - I'm in the design process for an indoor enclosure to house 2 Egyptians, will be about 2 months old at time of re-homing, and wanted to run my ideas by the group before I start purchasing materials and constructing. Here are my initial thoughts: - Enclosure: 48"x24"x16" w/ PVC...
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    Egyptian Tortoises

    Hi all- I'm looking for a captive-bred Egyptian tortoise as I'm hoping to get involved in their care, breeding and conservation. Any advice on current US breeders or wait lists would be much appreciated. Thanks! - Johnathan