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  1. Mich

    RNS and the use of Clarithromycin

    I believe there is a specific health related forum on here but unfortunately I can't find it using the mobile site and the app won't let me log in using my login credentials so I'll post here and maybe a moderator could bump it to the right spot for me. I took in a young male leopard last...
  2. Mich

    Coco shell mulch

    Is this the same as coco coir? I usually use cypress and a sphagnum moss mix but I saw this today and was curious. The fact it says its bad for dogs has me doubting it.
  3. Mich

    Gender and size

    Quick question, I have a female leopard tortoise that is aprox 7yrs old and nearly 12" long. I'm looking at a male that I'm told is 8yrs old and 9" long. I don't know a lot about the male yet, I know he was housed in a large 10x10 enclosure with a red foot of similar sized. I don't believe his...
  4. Mich

    Looking to confirm sex of tortoise I've been told this is a male and although it may seem obvious by the concave shell and triangular shaped scutes I'm still nervous enough to ask for opinions please (I've never had to sex a tortoise before). It's...
  5. Mich

    Enclosure revamp

    I had a close call with a clip on dome heat light that my iguana tipped over so I completely over hauled my tort enclousre, installed light sockets and mounted the lights. I didn't realise how easy it actually was to install a light socket! I need more plants though, she's killed off a rubber...
  6. Mich

    Shell Hats

    Best mother in-law ever!! hahaha A friend gave me this link and this was just a first attempt with the wool she had on hand but I am totally buying her a ball of green for the dragon one and a ball of orange for the pumpkin one. Too cute LOL...
  7. Mich

    Cuttle bone / ZooMed Tort Block

    Anyone have any luck getting their leopard tort to actually use these? Ive had the same cuttle bone in her encosure since last summer and I put in a ZooMed Tort Block a few months ago but she has absolutely no interest in either. I even broke the tort block in half thinking maybe it would help...
  8. Mich

    Indoor Enclosure re-vamp

    Well it's still very early spring in northern Ontario, just when all the snow had melted and the plans for my outdoor enclosure were underway we got hit with a late snow storm that dumped about 15cm *sigh* So I decided to at least do a spring re-vamp of her indoor enclosure :) I added soil to...
  9. Mich

    Outdoor enclosure idea .. opinions pls :)

    So eventually I'd love to do the whole raised brick outdoor enclosure but right now my leopard tort is only 4yrs old and with other things on the go this summer as far as human-home reno's I'm looking for something that's not too costly but that still looks good and will hold up to our canadian...
  10. Mich

    Just because pics

    Roaming the living room for a little exercise .. in northen Ontario we still have a TON of snow .. can't wait for spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tongue sticking out Nom-nom-nom *Rrrrawwwwrrrr* lol And just cuz I can't leave my beloved ig out :P
  11. Mich

    Blue Star Fern

    Never heard of this one, I know some ferns are safe but can't seem to find this one on any safe or toxic plant lists. Blue Star Fern is the name on the plant tag .. anyone?
  12. Mich

    Revamp enclosure

    I live in Ontario Canada so needless to say it's minus eight million this time of year so my little tort is stuck indoors but I've now got a good supply of safe plants I rotate in and out of her enclousre just to mix it up :) She doesn't actually touch any of them, not even the potted roses.
  13. Mich

    Edible plants

    I'm not a plant person and all of the safe summer variety I've learned were safe are no longer avail in northern Ontario so I'm trying to find the right indoor plants to add to my enclosure for fall/winter. Unfortunatly only the local harware stores carry plants now, all the garden centers are...
  14. Mich

    Disgusting little tort :)

    Wonding if my leopard tort is the only disgusting one out there lol She is 3yrs old, about 6", and has a nice large 8x4 indoor enclosure (I live in Canada and we woke up to snow on the ground this morning). For her substrate I've used many diff things like soil/sand mixes, coco choir, cypress...
  15. Mich

    Finally done my new tort enclosure

    Hurrray Titan’s new home is FINALLY done :) I’m hoping this will last her quite awhile, something she can grow into for a few years. Ignore the food tray, I use to use a plastic tray when I didn’t have substrate in yet, now she has a slate tile to help avoid the risk of impaction and also...
  16. Mich

    Cuttlebone (leopard tort)

    I bought my tort a large Cuttlebone but she won't touch it. I figured it would take her awhile to figure out its edible but after a month she finally just pooped on it (final act of protest? lol) so I tossed it out. I have a friend who keeps red foot torts and she feeds them some kind of...
  17. Mich

    Leopard tort - indoor substrate

    Is it OK to use Timothy hay as a substrate in an indoor enclosure? I had soil/sand mix in the old enclosure but in my new one for ease of cleaning her massive pops (which is almost always done IN her hide *sigh*) I'd rather use hay and grasses if I could. She has a large shallow water dish that...
  18. Mich

    New enclosure

    FINALLY, this upgraded enclosure was badly needed. I totally cheated and bought a $90 wardrobe from Wal-Mart haha I priced out the materials and considering my carpentry skills are lacking this seemed like a nice easy out-of-the-box solution. Instead of the cheap flimsy back I used the front...
  19. Mich

    Tiny Titan

    Lovin the fact that the hot summer weather is here!!! Makes for happy reptiles. :P
  20. Mich

    Funny tort vid with David Attenborough Just something funny :P