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    Well Known Tortoise "Rescue"

    That is great! Amazing how one visit turns into a mission. Let us know how it goes...I am certain you are not the only one who has seen such a thing, and your expeience will help others.
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    Dislocated Jaw?

    YAY!!!! Any pictures?
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    Greek Beak Question

    That's good to know...I chopped everything tiny tiny when we first got him...not maybe that is part of his nice sized beak too:) Thanks...we love him to pieces:)
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    Dislocated Jaw?

    I am so glad it was a relatively easy fix...I was worried he would end up having to have his jaw wired or something. He is VERY lucky to have you:) I hope everything stays where it is supposed to be and he 'beefs up' a bit too;) Take care.... Colleen
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    Dislocated Jaw?

    Is the jaw swollen? Could it be metabolic bone disease?
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    Greek Beak Question

    Great! Then I won't worry about it:) Thank you.
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    Dislocated Jaw?

    Oooooo, poor guy. My fingers are ALL crossed.
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    Greek Beak Question

    We have had Calvin our T.G.A. for a year now...and he is fantastic! He is an adult (maybe about 8 years old). He never chews on anything hard calcium blocks, mineral blocks, rocks, cuttlefish etc. But so far his little beak looks the same as the day we brought him home. I...
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    Too funny:) For the fishy smell...slice a lemon in half and rub it on your hands then sprinkle baking soda over them and rub it all in and rinse...It should cut the smell. FYI, if you have any cuts though it will burn.
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    Dislocated Jaw?

    Sorry I have never had this happen. I just wanted to say I hope your little guy is doing well.
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    Cleo update

    She is such a sweetie! What beautiful coloration:)
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    When you need a Friend

    Thanks for the smiles:)
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    Which brand of basking bulb is better for reptiles and last longer?

    I like the TRex Active UV flood bulbs. They are designed to last a year, and then eventhough they might still be working you should change the bulb as the UVA/B output decreases.
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    new enclosure

    Nice build, and great looking torts!
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    Well Known Tortoise "Rescue"

    It depends on how 'deep' you want to look...but... If he is the President of your local Herpetological Society, thus kind of the one who runs the might be at a dead end...unless you wan tot find out who the past President is and see if he/she would have any advice. Although it...
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    We had our Greek Tort on dewormer after we brought him home. I first oredered the probiotics all by themselves to help with the dewormer seide effects. Then I read about the TNT with the probiotics in it. The amount and type in the TNT seem beneficial without the possibility of being...
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    Turnips okay?

    I know the turnip greens are okay but can our Greek eat the turnip itself as long as I shred it like with the squash? Thank you:) Colleen
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    out door pool for rt's

    Wonderful!!! Cute little guy:) I have to ask the million doolr dumb question... How did you get the 2 half circle pieces of lumber?
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    Tall Fescue Mix Grass?

    Thank you for the reply... I also read the reply in the other thread...great information. These guys seem a lot more complex than the Greek we have. Everytime I think a Yellow or Redfoot or Sulcatta would be neat I read a thread about them and left to those with more...
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    need some info! help!

    RE: NEED SOME INFO!!! HELP!!! Take a one said you were dumb. You asked in a panic, did not give the specific information that it was just in your yard not part of his diet. Based on the information you gave you were given thorough information from someone trying to help out. I...